Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Clean Shave -- What's in Your Shower Stall?

On Saturday I gouged my poor leg with a new razor blade. I've used this brand for a lot of years and I loved it, but now they have all these extra skin smoothers built into their shaver which increase the likelihood of my getting nicked and cut. Since I got the new "embrace" shaver I have had 1 major gouge and 5 or more minor nicks. Those nicks BLEED a lot! And they are a pain to deal with when I'm trying to get ready for the day. Any rate, someone suggested I go back to using the original cartridges by my brand's company. I thought GREAT I will. But when I went to the store to buy them, they were not there. The company no longer makes them. Then I thought, well I'll just get another brand's shaver. No luck. They all have this ridiculous goop built into them and I am not using them again. I ended up coming home with 3 disposable shavers. But I'm determined to find one that doesn't have the goop on it and to get a  more permanent shaver in the shower.

Why did they change their shaver methodology? Why? I am on a mission to find a new razor blade which I can use in my shower. One without the stupid goop on it. I like my skin just the way it is. Anyone have a suggestion for me? What's in your shower stall?


Debra Glass said...

I hate it when a company screws up something that was good! I swear by Gillette for women. The cheapest ones do the best job.

Christine said...

I just had another person comment on my Facebook that Gillette is great. I will check it out. When I went to my local grocery store I couldn't find any cartridges that didn't have the stupid goop on them. I remember when Intuit came out. Same deal. Why do they fix something that isn't broken?



Anne Gallagher said...

I use a man's razor, with 3 blades. No goop, no mess, and a flexible head for over the knees.

Have a great holiday season if I don't talk to you.

Gail Hart said...

I use the Gillette disposables - no frills and a whole bag costs practically nothing.

Christine said...

Hi Anne: I had considered the man version because I can't even find Gillette for women here in my local grocery store! I have to hit another one to look for it. Thanks for the tip!!

Hi Gail: I'm looking for them--you're the 3rd person to recommend the Gillette razor/disposable or otherwise.

And to both of you--Happy Holidays!