Monday, February 22, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I LOVE to Write

You know we can talk about the toil and trouble of writing. And yes, slaving away for hours and weeks and months and years on words to build books and stories is tough. Unrewarding if not paid. Still scary if published. And a masochistic trip with personal whips provided for personal self-flagellation. But we continue to slog away--regardless of where we are on the journey.

Here are my top 10 reasons why I continue to plop my ever-growing behind down on the chair and put my hands on the keyboard:

10: I have a very good excuse to drink copious amounts of coffee and tea.
9: Talking to the people in my head is okay if I write down what they say.
8: When my DH tunes me out, I tell myself it's cause Hugh Jackman comparisons are blase to him.
7: Movies, books and travel are "deductible" expenses cause they are RESEARCH.
6: People think I might have something intelligent to say at parties.
5: I get to go to amazing conferences and conventions and workshops.
4: I meet the best people at the conferences, conventions and workshops.
3: I am never bored-ever.
2: I get to write for hours in my pajamas knowing I could get paid to do this!
1: Fill in the blank--I have so many more reasons! I love to write... the rest is gravy!

What are your reasons for getting BICHOK? *butt in chair, hands on keys*


M.V.Freeman said...

I love to write, because its like painting..with each word, sentence, and chapter the picture emerges.

I love to write, for all of your reasons too.

Sadly, I only got two sentences today. I've sort of allowed myself a moment of paralysis...not sure where to start first. SO. Tomorrow, I'll look at it again...and tackle it better. :-P

Another reason I love writing--there is ALWAYS a solution.

Christine said...

Ah, yes. There is always a solution! I love this comment. And my good friend in VA says, "it's writing if you touch the MS papers... " imagine that said with an English accent!

Gwen Hernandez said...

Good reasons, all. I love to write because it fits my desire to be in charge of my work and my schedule. And I love creating a story, even if I struggle with it. The finished product is worth the pain.

KarenG said...

Your top ten were very similar to mine! Also, I might add-- it just makes me feel so good to see it all coming together, from a mass of confusion to something people will actually pay money to read. How satisfying!

Ellen B said...

Nice upbeat post :) Your attitude to pyjamas is sensible and admirable :p

Ann said...

I love your ten reasons! I particularly like the deductions for movies, books and travel. Must make a special note to self.

I love to write just to see the idea or story in my head will go once it hits the paper. That is the wonder for me.

Christine said...

HI All! Thanks so much for commenting... the bottom line is the story isn't it? Wrestling it to the ground and making it obey. But then pajamas do come a close second ;-)

Donna Hosie said...

Alas I don't write in pyjamas. Perhaps I should try it!

(I found your blog via Ellen's btw, and I'm enjoying having a read through!)

Christine said...

HI Donna: Thanks for popping in. I love Ellen's Blog-she's a fun read. I can imagine her sitting in her pjs and drinking tea while she writes in Ireland!

Theresa Milstein said...
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Theresa Milstein said...

Great list! I relate to #10, feel better about #9, and wish I were at #1. Thanks for the laugh.