Thursday, February 4, 2010


I'm waiting for my darling husband to recuperate from his full hip replacement surgery. Meanwhile, I've had time to write (woot--big surprise) and read blogs about writing. Now in today's crazy publishing world there might be a bit of AACK, why BOTHER moments as unpublished writers (heck, for that matter, for published authors, too).

Confession: I am not published (yet). I am not business savvy (ever... helloo? I need an agent). I don't have patience or time to try to understand the recent publisher/amazon/author/reader issues.

This post is for ALL writers because whether we are published or not, we see that brass ring, the possibility becoming more and more difficult to attain and maintain. We can continue to work on our writing, learn our craft, hone our stories, perfect our pitches, fix our problems BUT the industry keeps on changing on a dime. A thin dime. One that is spinning super fast.

So, without further ado, I believe we ALL need some inspiration; published or not. The following blogs might be of help:

the Blood Red Pencil

The truth is, we write because we are pulled to write. We seek an audience because we truly want to reach an audience with our message, and we are blessed by the numbers. The more we write, learn, submit, grow the greater our chances of our writing reaching an audience.


M.V.Freeman said...

Oh yes we are compelled, dragged, and a bit unhinged..why else would we constantly go back to something that breaks down our self esteem on a daily basis (can you tell I've been looking at critique and editing...)

But write we must! (I love those blogs, Awesome stuff)

And you and your DD, and DH, are doing awesomely well! -because to me, surgery is a family affair..the person operated on and the family that is there to support!(HUGS) and quick recoveries sent your way!!!!

Gwen Hernandez said...

Thanks, Christine. I've been thinking about you all day! Hope everything is going well.

Christine said...

Mary: Thanks for joining DH and his ladies tonight... so fun. We're lucky to have a prof in the house :) Ah, to edit is to cringe indeed. Glad you liked the blogs!

Gwen: your blog is great... and thanks for the well wishes... now ... back to amazing writing! And superb blogging!

Ellen B said...

Hope your DH is doing well, Christine :)

Great post - it's worth remembering at times of enormous change that we do this because we want to, and for no other reason.

Christine said...

Hi Ellen: Yes it is great doing something we love for the pure reason being we can't NOT do it. Though it does drove one mad at times.

DH is doing great. I've already spoken to him this morning. He's itchy to have his computer with him. A good sign.

Zoe said...

I'm glad you're DH seems to on the mend. I hope he heals quickly.

Thank you for this post. I've been so busy my writing has been sitting in my laptop forgotten. I miss it and know that it is an important part of my life. Thank you for reminding me of that feeling of bliss it gives me :)

Christine said...

Hi Zoe: Glad you got the muse simmering again. It's easy to lose sight of the reasons we started writing when all the other "stuff" gets in the way.

I am grateful for my writing as it kept my mind occupied during DH's surgery. I was with my "peeps" and their conundrums helped me not to worry about my real life hero.