Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mission Confirmed

Yesterday I went to the Heart of Dixie's first meeting of the year. We had a lot of business to cover because we missed our January meeting due to snow conditions (in AL!). Afterward we were treated to a great discussion about the creative brain and how to keep our brains in gear for writing. So many things can impact our creativity: lack of sleep, health conditions, hormones, medications and stress. Even the published author who shared her information to us had her own story of how she had to battle to regain her writing mojo after losing her thyroid to thyroid cancer. Wow. But she did it. If she could battle back to regain her desire to write every day, then I feel even more inspired to keep my fingers on the keyboard.

Sure, there's not a lot of money in it (read zero for now) and the publishing industry is suffering from the economic meltdowns so there aren't a lot of doors opening right now for new writers, BUT the doors are still there.

After the meeting was adjourned and we had put up the tables and chairs, I was happy to talk with other authors, published and unpublished, about their experiences and their plans for the future. I came away from that meeting feeling energized and more than ready to keep pursuing my dream. For you see, if I just keep swimming in the low tide and wait patiently for the next wave to come in, I will be ready. If I quit now because the tide is low and I am  not getting anywhere, well too bad for me when I do miss the next wave.

I have reevaluated my writing goals and I believe I've made some wise decisions for this year. I am taking control of the things I can control and letting the stuff I can't control go out of my mind. I cannot control the ePublishing industry, iPad, Amazon, publishing, the business. None of it. I can control writing, learning my craft, submitting and entering contests. Based on what I learned yesterday, I believe I don't need to be in a hurry to set up a web page or create an Internet presence beyond my blogging.

After all, what am I promoting? Nothing. Yet. But I will do the following: I will continue blogging, sending in articles to the two chapter newsletters and obtain a domain name for when that time arrives.

Another thing I will do is maintain a patient attitude about the end result. I have one wonderful book out there. I'm proud of it. I have another book I want to revise and make stronger for the CR market. I have a fourth MS that I'm writing for the sheer joy of telling the characters' story. And I have another CR, ST that I will write as well. During the summer, I will begin processing my YA idea. I am rewarding myself with that book. I've wanted to write this one for a while, but I am still seeking a credible plot. I have the idea and the method of execution firm in my mind, but the plot must be strong enough to stand alone and be part of a larger series.

Stay tuned. Writing is a game I love to play. I am never setting aside my passion for this craft. It brings me joy and pain; friends and comrades; highs and lows. The process is a wrenching and excruciating ecstasy. I will not surrender my dream just because the world is not aligned with it today.


KarenG said...

What a wonderful post! Inspirational and all! This is why we should be going to conferences, right? I know that's why it took me so long to get published, because I shied away from things like this. You have a great attitude!

M.V.Freeman said...

SO true Christine,
and I am going to share the same attitude!

Like you said, you can only control what you can, the rest you have to just let it go.

And to keep writing..woohoo!!!

Christine said...

Hi karen! Thanks so much for the kind words. I do recommend belonging to a local writing chapter, whether published or unpublished. We're all in the same water, swimming, feeling doubts and fears. We must swim together and support each other.

Christine said...

Mary: you are an inspiration to me as well. I feel your writing growing and becoming so amazing. And I read something the other day in my Maass book that made me think of you. Please remind me to share it!

M.V.Freeman said...

Awww! Thanks Christine!

I will be sure to remind you. ;-)

MaryC said...

"I will not surrender my dream just because the world is not aligned with it today."

I love this comment, Christine.

So often we hear that you have to write for the joy of writing not for the hope of publication. I think if you really reach that point, then what you said above is true. And if you're still trying to get there, well then what you said is a beneficial reminder.

LOL my word verification is "fuller" Writing definitely makes my like "fuller" and more thoughtful.

Good luck to you!

Christine said...

Hi MaryC: Yes, my life is fuller as well as I pursue my writing and goals. I love the being part of this world. It suits my strange and quirky personality quite well :)

I just keep humming along, trying to solve puzzles in my writing and trying to move ahead.

I hope your writing is going well!!

Gwen Hernandez said...

It was when Christy Reese sat down and wrote a book for herself that she finally found her voice ang got published. You'll get there!

Christine said...

Gwen, Christy's voice and writing is amazing. I love her books and I am thrilled to learn that she made it by writing the book in her heart. I believe this book of mine needs to be written--I love my characters and their story. New twists and turns are coming up all the time and I have abandoned my outline for now. I keep layering in scenes and thoughts about the story's direction are driving my writing.

It's kind of frightening, but exhilarating as well. :-)