Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Every day I try to celebrate the small and the not so small victories as a writer. Sometimes I get big ones: like finaling in the MAGGIES. Sometimes I get small ones: like I actually wrote more than one sentence today. Sometimes I get to celebrate my friends' victories: like when my dear CP Sharon won the Daphne 2009 in the unpublished category, or another writer friend finaled in the Golden Heart. Wow! Tremendous.

And today I celebrated my new CP's victory: a fabulous R with a request for a partial of her next work. Woohoo! This is good news. This is happy times!! Whenever one succeeds, we all benefit because it means the dream is attainable. It is!

Keep writing. Keep submitting. Keep learning. Keep celebrating! Writing is a glorious pursuit. May we all achieve the victories we deserve as we continue pursuing our writing dreams!!


Ann said...

Thanks for such a great upbeat post.

Gwen Hernandez said...

Thanks, Christine! Having great writing friends makes the lows easier and the highs even better.

Christine said...

Ann--glad you enjoyed. Positivity is the key-- tho' I do find myself battling my own demons of doubt, when I see my friends succeeding it gives me hope.

Christine said...

Gwen: loved the titles ;-) Now get that bad boy book out there -- you are a machine!! I just have such a good feeling about your writing future. Always did! Just don't be afraid to really really go for it!