Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer is Here--

Well, I was very spoiled by Summer School--my DD's required elective class allowed me to work while she endured a very redundant computer applications class (easiest A she ever got--well... summer school is that way for College so .... good lesson learned). 

But NOW.... yikes... I have pitches to prepare, writing to do, guests arriving during the next month and I feel like WHOOPS... how in the heck will all this happen while Missy Wonderful Who I LOVE and Want to Spend Time With is Home? 

Oh, well... I will not stress... 

I asked her to hear my pitch while I practice... and she will... she's so supportive of my writing. And if writing doesn't happen, reading about it will. And if all I do is prep the pitch, so be it. 

I only have 3 more years with her... I refuse to compromise that time with her. I am first and foremost, a mother. And I love it!

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