Monday, June 29, 2009

The Panic Sets In

After the packing days and general shock of getting ready for my DD's religious camp, my family joined me as I went to Birmingham for the Southern Magic pitching workshop led by our own Kelly St. John. The drive down was uneventful. And I was ever so pleased with my "free" hotel stay garnered through American Express reward points. But when we arrived in Birmingham, with time to spare, we were unable to locate the Holiday Inn we'd booked. And when we finally did find it, I had about 2 minutes to spare before the lunch portion of the workshop began.

Panic! But ever optimistic we hauled our luggage to the front desk only to be greeted by an overworked, disgruntled front desk employee who bluntly informed us early check-in was impossible and "no" there wasn't a place to store luggage. Never mind. We left, the family took me through McDonald's drive through to grab a Happy Meal, and then they hauled me to the Homewood Library for my meeting.

Yay! Freedom! I joined the SM members and guests in the Homewood Library basement and we celebrated Christy Reece's next trilogy's book covers and release dates as well as Naima Bryant (now Niama Simone) and her first publication in Ellora's Cave. We had cake!! And took pictures.

Then Kelly St. John led us through a very detailed pitch workshop that sent my head reeling. My pitch needed updating, work, an overhaul. Can we say panic again? But it is a good panic. If anyone knows what to do to get published, it's Kelly. She's so honest and real about her own experiences as she tried to reach that pinnacle. I appreciate it so much! And I learned so much!

And when it was all over, and we said I goodbyes, I met my family at the library's entrance with my inspiration tucked in my computer bag. Oh, after I returned home, the work would begin again.

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