Tuesday, June 30, 2009

She Swings and Hits--Thanks My Pitching Friend

I pitched my two stories to a writing buddy today and got the thumbs up! Yah! Thanks Mary! I am feeling a little better about the entire session.

Now, I am a bit overwhelmed as I have had an emotional chat with my dearest, oldest friend (no we aren't old, but it sure as heck feels that way after 34 plus years). I believe we are doing fine... back to the old status quo' as you will.

Now back to reality for me: friend coming tomorrow, tons to prep for the conference, and I am itching to see my DD again. Truly the light of my life! Friday is but a few sleeps away!

I am ever so grateful to my DH, DD and my writing buddies for all their support... I hope le pitch impresses the editor/agent as much as it did my friends!

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