Saturday, June 13, 2009

Princesses with Attitude

Yesterday I spent the day playing tourist in my own city. My friends and I went to the Space and Rocket Center with my GF's daughters (5 & 3). The three year old loves space, astronauts, rockets and will probably go to Space Camp when she is older. I asked the five year old if she wanted to go to Space Camp. She said she'd rather go to Princess Camp. Me, too. Sure, space and rockets are interesting and fun. But the idea of hurtling into space on top of a missile (it is a missile even if we call it a rocket) taller than a lot of building and carrying a payload of fuel capable of creating a crater if it blows up on land doesn't thrill me one bit. 

But Princess Camp? Oh yeah. My five year old friend and I talked about creating our own Princess Camp. Presently, due to the word camp, she wants to pitch a tent in my backyard. I asked her if Princesses should live in a tent. She promptly informed me that OUR tent would have carpeting. While at Camp Princess, we receive manicures-pedicures and our hair is styled. Plus, we get our faces glamorized. But I was informed, we'd make our own meals. When I questioned the idea of Princesses cooking, my tiny friend waved the objection away, saying, "We'll be the kind of Princesses who can do our own stuff." 

I loved the response. Princesses who are pretty, pampered, but capable of looking after themselves are women who aren't afraid to ask for more and they aren't afraid to go after what they want. 

My young friend's Princess model is very familiar to me. I've read about these kind of women in romance novels. These pretty, capable, strong, gorgeous, educated, intelligent women are princesses because they won't settle for just any man. Sure, these heroines might be wearing stilettos while they overcome their conflicts to succeed, but they expect their heroes to honor their dreams and cheer them on toward their goals. 

Anyone can impress a bimbo, but a real man will work very hard for my kind of heroine, a Princess with Attitude!

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