Saturday, June 20, 2009

Creative Avoidance 101

Well the conference is less than a month away and I have to get prepared to pitch to my agent/editor. Whew, that means making cute little index cards with boatloads of prompts about my stories and being able to talk about them effortlessly.

My first foray into this endeavor meant distilling info given at my local chapter meeting. Then I fritzed around and started a home DIY project. Can we say I am not focused? Then I had a bit more time on the computer. I researched my editor's authors and my agent's background. Post Its on the wall--need to transfer to the index cards.

Oh, did I mention that I now have multi-colored cards? Yeah~after my dr. appointment, I went to Staples and bought all kinds of conference items (get ready to pitch and more). Now I have purple, pink, yellow, green, and blue 4X6 index cards, a cool clear index card holder, and a black box holder.

Shopping is good creative avoidance.

And I managed to work on the DIY project some more, cook a cool appetizer, go out for dinner, shop for a Father's Day gift with my daughter whilst signing up for Publishers Marketplace and researching my agent/editor a bit more. Oh, and I got onto Amazon and ordered two writing books.

But my pitch is still embryonic at best.

I did order business cards. And I bought Avery labels to plaster on the back of some of them--with my one liner hook on them.

Goal: tomorrow is Father's Day--no rest for the weary.
Goal for Monday: clean house and work on pitch-
Goal for week: prep two pitches so I have them ready to try out at the workshop on the 27th....

I also have to get my DD ready for her camp (starts on the 29th), clean house (really needs it), get a mammogram (oh joy), connect with a writing friend on Wednesday, figure out my wardrobe for the conference (I have NO clothes), oh, and I HAVE TO WRITE AND PREP MY PITCHES AND PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.

No problem... really ....

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