Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chapter 15 Kicked My Butt--Dreading Chapter 16

Well I worked for at least 5 hours on Chapter 15. It's an emotional, intense, sexual, culmination of much for my hero and heroine.

And oh, it was so very painful and difficult to write. Cause I had to rethink the premise of their reunion. A lot. I wanted to keep the intensity high, but not make her weak. It was HARD. And I think I succeeded, but I lost some words (hate that cause I will have to go in an add some I am sure). But the words I cut were not right for the story.

Oh I hope I get this ending better written--I hope I find the real reason they reconnect by the final pages. OH how many times have I written this story??????? Will they find home with each other? Will my readers WANT them to reconnect? I don't know. I know I need them to want to be together for ALL the right reasons. 

And I am sure a few months from now I'll be tightening it all up again. 

Now, moving on. Chapter 16 looms. Oh, it looms in a bad way. I am dreading it. Another major rewrite and revision. Hours? Probably. And I must FINISH by end of day. Or else. I must as I must be finished this mad mess by Friday evening. 

Company's coming and I need gotta clean house! Not that I won't tweak the mess! I will. I will print out the last 5 chapters, read through them, add and subtract descriptive elements, look for cliches and more. The joy of writing... fixing ... doing it all ... but it will be worth it if, when it finally happens, I can make a difference in  a small way in some reader's life. 

My goal is to sell that belief that romance is where lost souls find home when they find each other. Oh, the glory of it. The wonder of it. That is the goal.

Meanwhile, after the HEA, there's my life to consider. Like do I enter the Dorchester competition just posted on the PRO loop? I might. Why not? I have nothing to lose other than my dignity. And I lose that on a regular basis. So why not indeed? I'll review it this weekend.

And, after the HEA, I need to get my house ready for company, and spend time with friends I've not seen in person for weeks (they might give up on me if I don't), and I need to plan for my trip to DC. Which leads to preparing to pitch for the big event.

Yikes. But I have old material from my April Kihlstrom class to review, and a BOOTCAMP through the PRO Class loop to take starting the 15th (perfect timing), and my query/synopsis will help with formulating the plan. Oh, and I have the Southern Magic Pitching Workshop on the 27th with Kelly St. John, the amazing Kelly St. John!! I am tres excited about it.

Now, another break... back to my deck and that reality with DH... he is yearning for his former lost soul to fly home and roost with him on the veranda.

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