Monday, May 10, 2010

Southern Romance Writers Give Back

Despite being very busy individuals, many of the Heart of Dixie members and PUBLISHED authors are doing something extra special this year. They are working alongside the Huntsville/Madison Public libraries to bring writing programs and lessons to the public FOR FREE! Now let me tell you, these ladies are already givers. Most of them are members of our local Chapter and are actively involved in the board. In addition to writing, they have families to look after and in some cases, other jobs! Yet they are taking time out of their schedules to share their experiences as writers with people who might aspire to one day become novelists. Teens and adults will benefit from this gift. So check out the links below, go visit my writing friends' websites, and if you live close to Madison or Huntsville, pop into one of the libraries and learn more about the crazy, zany world of writing!

Heart of Dixie and Huntsville Public Libraries 
Summer 2010 

MAY 16/2PM: ―Publishing 101with Kimberly Lang  (Madison Branch) 
If you’re confused, overwhelmed, or simply mystified about what it takes to get your book from 
your desk onto a bookstore shelf, then this workshop has the answers you need. Learn the basics 
of the business, including publishing models, what agents actually do, and how to protect your- 
self from scam artists. 

June 3/4PM―How I Became a Famous Teen Romance Novelist‖ with Tricia Mills (Madison 
Do you want to see your imagination in print? Is "novelist" your top career choice? Tricia 
Mills describes what it takes to get it done and issues her "Summer Writing Challenge" just for 

June 18/10AM – ―Creating Compelling Characters‖ with Rhonda Nelson and Kimberly Lang 
(Bailey Cove Branch) 
The best plot in the world will fall flat without characters your readers love (or love to hate). 
Learn how to create realistic, three-dimensional characters your readers will never forget. 

June 19/10AM – ―Conflict and Emotion: The Heart of the Story‖ with Linda Winstead Jones 
(Bailey Cove Branch) 
What drives your story? What drives your characters? Go beyond plot to the real heart of your 
June 25/10AM – ―Plotting and Pacing Your Novel‖ with Lynn Raye Harris (Bailey Cove 
How do you decide what happens in your novel? Do you have enough plot to carry you to the 
end? Is there too much going on? How do you keep the action going and your readers turning 
pages?  Learn these essential aspects of good fiction. 

June 26/10AM - "Fundamentals of Good Fiction" with Kira Sinclair. (Bailey Cove Branch) 
Do you understand POV? What about Show, Don't Tell? Do you know what a dialog tag is and 
how to use it?  Discuss these and other essential building blocks of your novel. 

August 3/4PM: Teens Strut the Write Stuff  (Madison Branch) 
Meet back up with Tricia Mills and the gang to share your experience and successes with the 
"Summer Writing Challenge." Get feedback from the group and some pointers from a profes- 

September 18/10AM:  Author Book Discussion with Peggy Webb, Debra Webb, and Lyn Stone
(Madison Branch) 
These prolific and bestselling authors have written over a hundred romance novels covering mul- 
tiple genres and subgenres, including  suspense, historical, comedy, mystery, and more. Join 
them for an informal discussion of the passion they all share: books!


Gwen Hernandez said...

Very cool. It's great that so many are making time to give back to the community.

Christine said...

Yes, very cool indeed. I love these ladies for all they do for us and the community at large. Wish you could come to one of the sessions! I'll take copious notes for you '-)