Sunday, May 9, 2010

How the Nook Hooked Me

My DD and DH gave me  a Nook for Mother's Day. Me. The technologically challenged gal received a GIZMO. Don't get me wrong. I am glad I got the Nook. I wanted one. But I did not jump onto the E-reader wagon willingly. 

No. I was seduced over a long period of time. 

I resisted anything E-reader for a long time because the reason I am technologically challenged is I am impatient. I loathe taking the time to learn about new gadgets. Why don't they just turn on and WORK? Why do I have to read a manual? Yuck. Why does anything electronic need me to understand its inner workings? I don't have time to learn inner workings. Really. I'm quite busy as it is and any spare time I have should be spent reading or, if I ever get off my duff, exercising. 

The evidence of my impatience with learning technology is clear to those who know me well. Here are some facts:

*DD and DH were going to give me a special food scale from Williams Sonoma, but they decided against it because my DD said, "Mommy will NEVER read the manual."

*I bought a new iPhone. My DD had to teach me how to use it. I learn by doing and am very visual. 

*I bought a MAC and DD was very excited when I told her I signed up for the classes at the APPLE store. I went to enough classes to learn how to use the computer competently and then stopped going. 

*I told my CP about the SCRIVENER writing program. I'd been using it for about 6 months. She is writing a weekly blog about the program and knows how to use it far better than I. Now I call her up for advice about the program.

*online contests and forms baffle me. I manage to muddle through them, but I don't trust the electronic sphere.

As you can see, my desire to avoid reading a manual or learn how to understand a gadget far outweighs my desire for the gadget and all it can offer me.

And then the Nook began to sneak up on me. Oh, I was intrigued, but hey, a book in the hand is so tactile. So me. Why do I need a Nook? And the cost. Hmmm. Then my brother came here from Canada and he wanted to look at the Nook. So off we went to Barnes & Noble and we all played with the "toy." Hmmm. Interesting, thought I. I learned I can use the Nook to read my CP's MS/WIPs by converting them to a PDF file and I could comment on them on the Nook. Well, but no tracking, so not sold. And I learned I could eventually "self-publish" my own stuff should I never beat down the publishing doors or get past the gargoyles at the gates. 

Ah, a little more interested now. But nope. Not going there. Not ready. Not yet. Just focus on the writing, I said. But oh, I was enchanted by the possibilities. I circled the Nook. Wary. I used the fact that we had other expenses to stop myself from buying it. I knew the Nook was teasing me with its possibilities, but I wasn't biting. No way.

Then my brother from Canada bought the Nook--an uncharacteristically spontaneous move for him. And off we went carrying the Nook to my home. Now he was showing me by example how easy it was to use for the average Jill. I stepped a little closer to the precipice. Almost got me there, that sneaky little Nook. But I was safe from tumbling over the edge. After a few days of fiddling with it, my brother realized he couldn't use the Nook in Canada because of having a Canadian address. Shame. I thought we'd take it back. I'd be free of the Nook's charming ways.

No. He gave the Nook to my DD. She instantly became an expert, downloading books and more. Ah, the ease she had in learning how to use it. The cool factor was there. Oh, the Nook had it all. But still, I resisted getting my own Nook. No amount of bells, whistles, coolness could suck me into the Nook's vortex. I knew I'd have a long learning curve, and I am in revision mode. 

No time to .... but.... wait... what is this? My DD is sitting at the breakfast counter, eating her breakfast cereal and next to the bowl lies her Nook. Flat, straight, easy to look at... OMG! I leaned in and said, "Wow, that's a lot easier than trying to hold a paperback while shoveling a spoon of Wheaties into my mouth." 

DD looked at me, her glasses askew from sleeping in them, and said, "A lot easier than a hardback, too."

OMG, I can read with out trying to prop open a book with a plate or a cup while I am eating? The joy! The freedom! The happiness! I confess that other than dinner time, we three read during meals all the time. After all, we're busy. We don't always have time to sit and read in a chair with the sun our faces or a comfy blanket keeping us warm. Nope. But during breakfast and lunch? Oh yah. That's maximizing our time. (Some diet guru might tell us we're not eating with meaning or focus, but who cares? We're just filling a hole, right? Might as well fill our minds, too!).

So now you know why I succumbed to the lure of the Nook. No, the Nook's fancy gadgetry and instantaneous delivery of books to my world didn't snag me. But the Nook's amazing ability to lie flat next to a plate was the final yank of the fishing line that set the hook.

*Confession: DD and DH gave me the Nook on Friday so I could have two days to learn how to use it.
*Confession: DD had to help me set up my Nook. 
*Confession: I am madly in love with my Nook and have downloaded two of the four new BRIDES books written by Nora Roberts.


Wendy Marcus said...

Congrats on the Nook, Christine. And Happy Mother's Day! I've been thinking about jumping onto the e-reader bandwagon but am not quite ready. For mother's day I got the Borders Gift card I requested. Yay! The next time I have to prop open my book while I eat my lunch I'm going to think of you! And I just finished Nora's thrd bride book. I liked one and two better and am looking forward to number 4.

Christine said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! I am enjoying the first book a lot. A GC to Borders sounds lovely. Lots of reading to do in our world. So many books and so little time -- hence my eating and reading multi-tasking at its best.

I hope your revisions are going well!


KarenG said...

I heard that B & N can't keep those nooks in stock.

Christine said...

I love the Nook...more and more...

Susan Macatee said...

Boy, Christine, do you sound like me! It takes me forever to learn how to use new gadgets and I resist at every turn, but ultimately end up loving them. I've also held off getting an e-reader, although I do want one. I hate having to sit at my desk to read the e-books stored on my computer. And besides you, I've heard great reports from two other on-line friends about the Nook. I've been holding off because of the price, but I'm getting getting one. And so far, the Nook sounds like what I'll end up with.

Great post!!

Christine said...

Hi Susan: Thanks for popping in! Yes, I have to say the Nook is a fabulous toy. I was in the summer school registration line today and I could easily hold and read it--turning the pages was a breeze. I thought I'd miss the feel of the paper in my hands, but the truth is, I LOVE being able to read faster.

I recommend it.

PS See you in class ;-)

T. Anne said...

Congrats on the nook! I have the nook on my mac and enjoy it as well.

Christine said...

T. Anne: I do love the ease of carrying the Nook. Today I was stuck in a line and it was so much easier to hold the Nook and push the arrow button with one hand than hold a paperback with two hands.

Why'd I resist?

Gwen Hernandez said...

Awesome. I think the fact that it lays flat would be the big draw for me too. I use Kindle on my iPhone, and Stanza on my Mac, and I always read during breakfast and lunch.

I'm glad you're enjoying your new gadget! Thanks for the mention. :-)

Christine said...

Yeah, it's easy to use for sure, Gwen. And you're welcome for the mention. I'm glad I have you to ask all my Scrivener questions and get the answers!


Ann said...

Sounds like the perfect gizzmo for you! A Nook? I am debating myself.

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day.

Christine said...

Hi Ann:

I did have a wonderful Mother's Day. I got to read my Nook. I have to say, now that I've got it in my paws, I love it. I like that I got to hold it in my hand first before I bought it. I got a pretty good feel for how it would handle -- like taking a car for a test drive before one buys it. I think that's the main reason I didn't buy the Kindle. Couldn't try it first. And the iPad is intriguing, but it's not book size or that portable. And it has backlight so it is hard on the eyes. The Nook really does make you feel like you're reading an actual book and it's so portable. Now I can carry my library with me ;-)

Go try one out!

Stephanie said...

Hey Christine,
I am so glad you like your new gadget.

I am techno-challenged as well so I understand the trama of learning how to use a new electronic device. They always seem to be waiting to ambush me with trouble when I least expect it!

Hope your fun continues. :-)

Christine said...

Hi Stephanie: I know. It's so "challenging." I know I'll have my moments. Then I will call upon DD's expertise and ask for her help.

Ah, nice to have techno teen around--she even redesigned my blogspot for me.