Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dowager Feline Strikes a Pose

For some of you who asked, I present the Dowager Feline as she pursues her addiction and teaches us lessons in persistence.

"I look relaxed, but I am waiting for dinner."

"It may look like a laundry room to you, but to me it is the diner."

"I'm waiting... hurry up... or I'll be loud and proud."

"Now I'm ready for my Liver."

"I may look innocent, but I am feisty."


Piedmont Writer said...

She's absolutely beautiful!!! And looks like she's feisty. God Bless the Dowager Feline.

Gwen Hernandez said...

Very cute. I thought she'd be fatter. Looking pretty spry for such an old lady. =)

Christine said...

Piedmont Writer: She's a tortie and just as soft as can be. She's a funny cat.

Christine said...

Gwen: She's always been super petite, but when I brought her to the vet during her illness she only weighed 4.5 pounds. I about died of shock. Now she is about 7 pounds and gaining :-)

Yeah, she is spry!

Wendy Marcus said...

My she hides her age well! She's beautiful. And I am NOT a cat person! I enjoy reading about her, though.

Christine said...

Hi Wendy: She does hide her age well. No one believes me when I tell them how old she is. But she's definitely showing signs of it--slower gait, deaf as a doorknob, and a bit forgetful. However, all in all, she has quite a kitten-like personality. Feisty cats live longer (maybe feisty people do, too *grin*).

Martha W said...

Aaawwww.... she is adorable! And I love that she talks to you. Awesome. Big hug to Clancy! :)