Friday, May 7, 2010

The National Conference, RWA & Romance Writers Rock

Last week Nashville, TN and other parts of Middle Tennessee were deluged with rains that caused the rivers and creek beds to swell with water. The water rose above the levy and flooded much of downtown Nashville and one of my favorite spots, the Opryland Hotel area. Along with Opryland Hotel, the area hosts Opryland Mills Shopping Outlet, the Grand Ole Opry and more. This is a Star Jewel in the area that draws thousands of people to it on a regular basis. Watching the area become flooded and seeing the devastation to the Opryland Hotel was heartbreaking.

I lived in Tennessee for 14 years. My daughter was born in Knoxville, TN. And I have dear friends who moved to Nashville 14 years ago when my daughter was a year old. I've sipped chardonnay in the Opryland Hotel, enjoyed lunch at one of its many fine restaurants, and I've attended concerts, shows and my friend's son's graduation last year at the Grand Old Opry. So I was super excited when I learned the National Conference would be held in Nashville.

But Mother Nature had a different plan forcing our RWA Board to look for another venue for our National Conference. Yet, in all the scrambling to save our "party," the RWA Board and the Romance Writers of America membership also focused on how to help Nashville overcome this flooding and devastation. RWA has posted links to help with Flood Relief. Other members are holding auctions on their blog sites to help raise funds for Nashville, and the RWA is donating part of the money they'll receive for the Literacy Book signing to the Nashville area despite having to relocate to Orlando for the conference.

I love my organization. Not only are they capable and smart. They are caring and giving. Being a member of the RWA has enriched my life as a writer and as a human being. We come together in small ways to help and in large ways to help as well.

So here's a big wave from Alabama to my RWA Board and the writers who belong to RWA. You all rock!

Want to help? Here are some blog sites and places you can go to to participate:

Do the Write Thing

Flood Relief

Red Cross

Do the Write Thing


Wendy Marcus said...

Thanks for the links, Christine. RWA is a great organization. I'm proud to be a member.

Christine said...

RWA rocks and I'm proud to be an RWA member. Are you going to the conference in Orlando? We have so much to celebrate this year!!

Gwen Hernandez said...

Yep. Ditto!

Christine said...

It's going to be great knowing I have a roomie who is fantabulous and a CP who is a GH Finalist. Woohoo!