Monday, May 24, 2010

Drum Roll & Recap Roll

This week, despite all the constant interruptions and distractions, I finished my second MAGGIE contest entry and sent it to the coordinator.

WOOT!! So relieved to get the entry completed and out of my hair.

Now my goals and tasks for the week are defined:

*continue revising & polishing with the new plot line in mind
*add scenes where necessary
*pull together my partial and send of the requested materials to the agent
*query two other publishing houses with my third MS

And I have some rewards to give myself for completing my arduous task:

*get my hair cut and highlighted *highly necessary*
*schedule some pampering time this week
*meet with a good friend who is also a writer and enjoy her company

When you finish a major task, do you reward yourself with something fun? I hope so! And if do, I'd love to learn how!


KarenG said...

Congratulations for your entry! And yes I do reward myself when I finish a major task. Highlighting hair-- yes! Shopping-- yes!! Laying in bed and reading a book-- yes!! Going out to lunch-- yes!! Makes me want to hurry and finish a major task so I can reward myself.

Wendy Marcus said...

Congratulations on such a productive week....and it's only Monday. Wow!

I usually reward myself by taking the time to read a book I'm excited about. (And some spider solitare!)

Christine said...

Oh, Karen, I forgot about shopping. And I plan to do some shopping next pay day. I want to get some new shoes for the RWA National Conference.

Wendy: I LOVE spider solitaire. One of my favorites. I haven't played it in a while.