Monday, January 4, 2010

Brain Freeze

It's cold outside. And for this part of the country that's unusual. Man, I didn't even venture out to the curb to get a newspaper. I must confess, my creative juices were thick, ice cold blocks that failed to melt today. No way. In addition to the cold, frigid, nasty, wind and future predictions of snow freezing my brain cells, I also had DD home all day.

Rather than fight the ennui and the lack of motivation, I focused on calling a dear friend before the hustle and bustle truly kicks in. Then I organized my writing space, and then I picked up Donald Maass's book WRITING THE BREAKOUT NOVEL and read through the foreword by Anne Perry, the introduction by Maass and the first chapter. 

I'm determined to read the book and just absorb the info as I work on the 3rd revision. One thing that was nice to read was Anne Perry runs through her books at least 4-5 times. And it's as painful for her to do it as it is for me. But she said she knew her story's heart and that remained the same. That also inspired me. Does this mean that I believe I have a breakout novel in my house right now? Heck no. I have what's seriously a break my brain novel in my house right now. But what I love is that true writing, real to the guts writing, the kind that sells boils down to TELLING A STORY and telling it well.

I have a story. I want to tell it well. I want to make it sing. And I'm encouraged that to get the heart of my story out there into the world, I'll have to break my own heart to write it. Cutting scenes and pasting them and dumping them and rewriting scenes and creating deeper plot points and weaving all the elements into the story will take time. 

I will commit the time. I will write my peeps' story. I will write it to the best of my ability as I grow and learn the craft. 

Is this THE BOOK? *shoulder shrug* I don't know. But I know it is MY STORY, and I will write it for my peeps. 

The rest is up to the Gods... and truthfully, Maass reiterated the one thing I already knew: I have control over ONE THING. And that is writing the story.

In a way that gives me hope that I have control over my destiny.

You know, I did say one has to be a bit delusional to write. I guess I will hang onto my delusions.


Gwen Hernandez said...

Reading about writing still gets you closer to your goal, and maybe will thaw your brain for tomorrow.

Maass is great. I plan to run my current MS through the Breakout Novel workbook as part of my revision process.

I can't believe the weather this week, either! Stay warm.

Christine said...

Yeah, it will definitely thaw my cells for sure. I have the workbook, too. I will use it later. I just want to let it all sink in and write. Then I'll send it all off for critique and comments while I trudge out a first draft in Feb.

Totally ucky weather... hate it.

Can't believe I have to drive miss DD to school tomorrow in the freezing cold. Blech.

MaryC said...

It's been frigid here in NYC too, Christine. Brrrrrr. But I can't complain. Someone I know just moved to Vermont and they had 33 inches of snow this weekend!

I have always loved the inspiration I draw from craft books. Good luck with the brain thaw.

Ellen B said...

Well, you've already heard what cold weather did to me this week :)

Maass's book sounds so good, it's been on my wishlist for a while. Perhaps with the next paycheck, depending how writing goes between now and then!

Christine said...

MaryC. I can't believe how much snow they have up in Vermont. Even DC got over 22 inches. Talk about a white Christmas. I love craft books and am eager to finish this one and let it percolate in my brain.

Christine said...

Ellen: I'll keep you posted about the book. So far it is an easy read and I am enjoying the iinsights he is giving me as a writer.