Saturday, January 9, 2010

Writing Serendipity

Today I went to Barnes and Noble to meet with two writing friends. Our regularly schedule RWA Chapter was canceled due to weather (snow and ice everywhere). But we ventured out to share our goals.

At 2:30PM we met... shared our goals and chatted. Another person was edging closer and closer till she finally asked if we were a book club or ???? We explained our status as unpublished writers and she admitted she was a new writer. Oh joy! We jumped to share... and so we quickly whipped out our business cards, shared information about our writing chapters and gave her book titles.

Then more writers we knew showed up unexpectedly. They needed a "writing friend session" as well. And then the entire back half of the coffee shop in B&N was filled with chattering romance/paranormal/historical/quirky writers. Oh fun!

Writing score today? Not so great.
Kismet score today? Pretty dang great!

And I have to say it was awesome meeting a new writer who is only starting to learn what the journey is about. She asked about goals and I, being me, said keep it simple and stick to three goals: write, read craft books, find a group. Don't worry about publishing industry. Just worry about the writing.

And that is advice I need to continue to give myself.