Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Personal Writing Challenge for January till the 31st

My personal challenge starting January 6 is 2000 words a day every day till the 31st, minus the 13th when I go meet my CP in Birmingham. That's about a chapter every 2 days. I need to make this a bigger book even though it is entered as a category in the Golden Heart. I can cut words and make a category cut if an editor requests it from me. But my goal is 90,000 words.

I'm not sure if I can do it. I can easily make this a category book. I only need 10-15,000 more words. The good news is that I almost have that length. I just went through the scenes and synopses each one into a few sentences and made notes for scenes I still have to write. Now I am ready to clean up what I have and tighten the writing grammatically.  

Next I will import some scene ideas and dialogue from my old classic -- the scenes are there and written and all I have to do is make them sing for my characters in this current WIP. Then the hard part of cobbling together more scenes and making the book complete will begin.

It's a heavy task, but I have my index card ready to roll with my word count goal, the days' numbers written and my mind set on working every day. I don't care if there is snow, ice, days off, weekends, or meetings. I must do this and be ready to send something off to my critique partners and readers by the 1st of February.

This is why I set goals. Now I have a mini map to reach my destination.

Onward ho!


Ellen B said...

Good luck, Christine! I have every confidence that you'll meet your goals - or get so close that it won't matter :)

marthawarner said...

Lofty goals for sure. But I know you can do it!

I joined the 1000-words-a-day challenge a couple of days ago... that's my goal for the month. Last night I sat down (and aside from the actual outline of my revisions - which is a hefty amount) and wrote 1300 brand.spanking.new.words. for the current wip.

It felt so good!

So YEA! to both of us!!

Christine said...

Ellen, thanks! I'll see how it goes. Day one today. I have my scene skeleton ready to roll. Lots to layer in so I should be able to add my requisite number.

Small bites.

Christine said...

Martha: I have managed 1000 a day, but to actually bite of 2000? And commit to it? Not sure except for the book in a week challenge where I wrote 5oK in a week. Now that is the same book I am revising this month and taking to ST length.

I wish I was savvy enough to add the nifty sidebar counter to my blog. I'll have to ask my CP to help me with it in a week ;)

Gwen Hernandez said...

You can do it, Christine! The only worthy goals are the ones that challenge us.

I'm looking forward to some good reading EOM. Hopefully, I'll have something for you to read by end of Feb.

Christine said...

Gwen, I look forward to reading your stuff EOF! I know large parts of mine will need work due to how much I am adding, but I read something today that gave me hope. At least I have a purpose... which saved this former category romance when I was working on it in November! Why I am writing the story. MY MOTIVATION.

Heady stuff reading craft books!