Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Work and Whimsy

Today I tackled cleaning the bathrooms. I know nobody cares about the bathrooms. Ever notice how our heroines NEVER clean? Unless, of course, they are maids for rich dudes haha. But in my house, the maid's name is Christine and she cleans. Actually, I don't mind it except for the bathrooms. I am allergic to cleaning toilet bowls. Period. The. End. 

But they still need cleaning. So today I cleaned a bathroom, worked on the MS, cleaned another bathroom, and worked again on my MS, and cleaned another one and .... woohoo! The MS is looking way better cause I loved sitting down to write vs cleaning commodes. So my one hour was met! Yah.

Now that's the work. 

Here's the whimsy. 

I got to go CHRISTMAS SHOPPING today and new baby clothes for my neighbor's adopted baby girl. And I got to visit the gorgeous baby afterward.... oooh.... snuggled and cuddles and the blessings abounded. What a charmer. 

I also had time to sit and LISTEN to my neighbor's incredible story about this adoption because I am allowing myself time to be a friend. I also got to listen to my DD's funny tales about her latest gimpy moments in Honors Chemistry (I can commiserate with her teacher). I laughed. I also got to hear her pride in her voice about her grades. She is a straight A student with a 98.25 average and the girl wants to IMPROVE? So, I am a proud mom--she's got ambitions. But most of all, she's got dreams.... love that....

More Whimsy.... my DH brought home our Angel Tree tag: an 85 year old man. Awe. He wants a jogging suit size small and colorful T-shirts and this is the best part:  A STUFFED ANIMAL. Well, my DD and I are all over this dude. We want to bring him home and adopt him. Wow. So guess where we are going this weekend? BUILD A BEAR!! Cause our Angel deserves a super special stuffed animal to keep him company.

And you know what? I am very glad I am taking the time to build this bear with my darling daughter. 

Writing is wonderful, but without reality, we have nothing to write about. And you can bet this bear scene will show up somewhere in my writing. 

Ooh... what a fabulous day!


Gwen Hernandez said...

I love that you're going to Build-a-Bear. That man sounds so sweet. And, good job getting through your conflicting priorities today!

I hate cleaning bathrooms too, but more than anything, I hate cleaning floors. Luckily, my hubby has a short fuse for dirty floors, so he usually does it instead. ;-)

M.V.Freeman said...

I love that you got the Christmas spirit. You have such a wonderful way of describing things.

My whimsy...I look for it tomorrow, under the dirty socks (but its there, I swear!)

:-) husband does the laundry! Yeah! I cook. I think its a good trade off. ;-P

Naima Simone said...

Oh, wow Christine! I am sooo with you on the bathrooms! Yech! I hate cleaning them! But since my husband usually does the kitchen I don't have an excuse...doesn't mean I'm giving up on searching for one, though! LOL!

Your post is...awesome! It really makes me appreciate everything that happens when I back away from the computer and just enjoy life. I want to go build a bear now!! And adopt someone for Christmas. I swear reading that I had a Hallmark moment!!

You're wonderful!

Christine said...

All: we have a very small family so we've always done an ANGEL tree gift. When my DD was younger, we'd pick out a child her age and go from there. But last year we picked senior citizens. I was all over town hunting for her obscure, sexy perfume along with her slippers and robe. When we read today's pick, DD was the first to jump on the build a bear bandwagon. Oh, to it will be so fun! And what a sweetie.. can you imagine?

Ellen B said...

Call me a callous writer if you want, but my first thought was 'That guy sounds interesting, someone could totally write a novel about him!'

That's a wonderful thing to do for someone, I must seek out something like it in my own area.

Christine said...

Ellen, you aren't callous at all. I thought the same thing--like wouldn't he be an interesting and quirky secondary character? Oh, I'll be writing about him in some way. I think that's why it is so important for us to crawl out of our writing caves and participate in the community. That's where we'll get our characters and ideas for future stories from. Those people who suddenly appear in our stories are all composites of people and experiences we have lived through.

Now, back to figuring out how to get my hero into a hot tub and out of his sneakers... aack.