Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Catching Up

This Christmas break has been busy for me in that we had to travel to Texas and we usually don't go anywhere during the holidays. While there, I managed to get a lot of work done during the early morning hours. When we returned home, I focused on one thing: my family. This is Christmas and we're usually busy scrambling all over the place as we run from home, to school, to dance, to voice, to shopping, to friends, to home, to malls, to school, to meetings, to .... to.... to ... you name it, and we're there.

But this is a time to regroup for all three of us. We're all busy and seriously need time to catch up on our sleep, our time together as a family and on our little this's and thats that we put off during the busy days.

That's what I mean by "catching up." How are you all catching your breaths? Spending more time with family and friends? Reviewing and reflecting on goals accomplished? Reading? Cooking real meals? Fixing little things around the house? Playing games and doing puzzles? This is a season for renewal. And I use it for exactly that one thing.

I know I'll be busy again and running all over the place in my little truck with Darling Daughter in the passenger seat. I'll be scrambling to meet my new goals, working toward gathering information for my husband's upcoming hip replacement, girding myself for my FIL's upcoming health problems escalating, fortifying my mind for the days ahead, and focusing on generating more words in my writing.

So now, Catch Up Time is very much appreciated.


MaryC said...

Hi Christine,

SLEEP has been a top priority. I spent pre-holiday days baking with my girls, and rushing around to do all the holiday things, but this week I'm relaxing, reading, playing with the dog, visiting with my grown daughters and my sisters - just generally chilling. There will be some house cleaning in there, some re-organizing of my workspace, but mainly this is just a quiet time to regroup.

Best wishes to you on the challenges that lay ahead. Enjoy this quiet time first.

Anonymous said...

I'm catching up on my edits. And submissions. And the kids. Don't forget hubby. Oh, and my blog. Then there's... lol!

It's a never ending cycle as you very well know. Can't wait to see what the new year brings.

Enjoy your peace!

Christine said...

Mary C, it sounds like you are focusing on all the right things during this break. I am slowly wrapping my head around the new year approaching. But for now, I am greedily hanging onto the lazy moments.

Christine said...

Martha: I think you're a powerhouse! I'd like to tap some of your energy and use it. But my batteries are beginning to recharge and soon I'll be ready to hit the trail hard and focus on my writing. It's almost as if I need to get super itchy to write again in order to start full steam ahead...