Friday, April 5, 2013

Shops & Lemon Drops

I'm in British Columbia and it's absolutely stunning here. The views are fantastic. The trees are blooming huge pops of colorful pink and white flowers. Green trees in various shades are beginning to bud. Tall ever greens reach to the sky during rain and shine.

But I'm not going on a nature hike.

I'm shopping--virtually and in reality. So far I've purchased new bedding, a cool soft blanket and taken tons of pictures of pillows, chairs, decorating items and ideas. I really need new clothes, too, but opportunity knocked and I answered. I'll show you the new stuff when I get it home and have it all arranged.

I'm also visiting with friends. And as a result of the visiting, I've learned to love the Lemon Drop martini. MMMMM. I have the recipe on my Pinterest board. I'll share that when I get home as well.

All my recent juggling of my two worlds in Facebook has made it difficult to upload pictures directly to my new FB account. Grrr & hiss. But despite this minor challenge, I've tiptoed into yet another realm of social media called Tumblr. Not really sure if I should--the College Kid's realm really, but I'm trying to be more patient with technology and who knows? I might write a YA series one day. Of course, by then all the young folk will have run to another social media because it's been infiltrated by their parents  (much like Facebook) .

I tried to add a theme. Not sure if I did or not. I tried to follow John Green. I don't think I am. And I tried to repost a post. Didn't succeed. Why am I doing this to myself?

A. I sort of have time to play with it.
B. I'm not in writer mode. Though I am layering in a few words into the first three chapters of a new book.
C. I'm delusional about my ability to learn this monster of techno nerdfighter stuff.
D. I've been influenced by my lemon drop martinis to attempt new things.

You decide. Are you on Tumblr? Do you like it? Is Tumblr only for the young and crazy? Or can a Romance Writer with a College Kid who is also a Nerdfighter learn new tricks?


Jillian said...

Sounds like a great trip. Can't wait for the show and tell post where we get to see the results of the shopping. ENJOY!!

Barbara said...

Sounds like a great trip! I'm looking forward to that Lemon Drop Martini. As for Tumblr--I have no idea what it is. But I salute you for taking the leap. I'm still tiptoeing through Twitter LOL. Good Luck.

Christine said...

Jillian: I am so super excited about all my new outfits. I can't wait to wear them at Nationals!


Christine said...

Hi Barbara:

I'm still not sure about Tumblr but I also have a new follower on it without even knowing what I'm doing :-)

I shall post the Lemon drop martini recipe soon.

Ali Hubbard said...

Your trip sounds great! And, I'll be trying that lemon drop martini.

I have to say I don't know about Tumblr (I'm still not even on Twitter), but it sounds so interesting. But I wanted to tell you great job diving into all this!!! :-)

Christine said...

Hi Ali:

I'm actually getting a few followers on Tumblr which surprises me because my Tumblr page is so uncool. But that'll change as I learn more about it.

I will be sharing the Lemon Drop recipe when I get back to the USA.

And you should definitely get into Twitterville. That's where all your writer/author peeps hang out :-)

Have a happy writing day.