Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Playing Hooky--Time Out for Good Behavior

I've been working hard. Writing and revising and critiquing and contest wrangling and... and that's just the writing part of my life. There has been plenty to keep me busy in my personal life as well. That's the writer's journey. We're juggling families, day jobs, careers, writing, and more.

But now I get to take a break.

I'm going to visit my best friend in British Columbia. I can't wait to get on the plane and fly to Seattle. Then we'll drive over the border and spend time just "being friends." We'll shop, decorate via virtual reality, visit with family, play, explore, shop again.

This is a friend I've know for most of my life. There are secrets between us that we will carry into eternity. She was there for me when I was struggling with my fertility issues--even offered to carry a baby for me which just shows you what kind of awesomeness she is like. And she celebrated my pregnancy and the birth of my darling daughter by coming to the USA and helping me adjust to parenthood.

We've raised children to adulthood (though we are perpetually young LOL). We've gone on vacations together with the growing children. In fact, I remember one interesting time where we changed into our bikinis for a Water Country USA visit while in the long line of cars as we waited to enter the water park. Yes. We. Did. We are just that brave. At least I feel that brave when I am with her. She's fearless and fun.

And we have memories--a lifetime of them that undergird us and strengthen our friendship despite the time and distance that separates us.

Now I'm going to go make more memories with my friend. And maybe, just maybe, I might blog about it. Or maybe, just maybe, I might be too busy power shopping and giggling and having fun to visit the Veranda until I return in 8 days.

I'm excited about the break. What do you do to reward yourself for good behavior?

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