Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Juggling Multiple Balls While Balancing on a Tightrope

Life has been crazy busy these past few weeks. I've always been self-disciplined about setting goals and personal deadlines. I have no problem working toward one that's given to me. Actually, I like to send requested materials earlier than the due date because that's how I roll.

And I bet that makes my editors at Entangled Publishing very happy.

But here's a secret: I love revising. I LOVE LOVE LOVE fixing problems on the page even if the solution isn't always an easy one to find. So revising is like playing with my words and it's fun.

First draft writing? Um. Well. Twirl toe in carpet and look away. Um.  I like to finish the story so I can revise it and make it stronger. That's been a bit of a problem lately because the first book has a release date (stay tuned--I'm sharing it today). I've got to wrap my brain around revisions on book B, copy edits for book A, and how I will market the debut so that it succeeds.

I can't do it all in one day. Each book deserves my full attention, but now they're queuing up in a different order. I did give myself permission to work on my sequel to the MAVERICK'S RED HOT REUNION through this Sunday. I wanted to get a good handle on Caleb and Hannah before I put them aside to work on another round of revisions for my prequel to the debut novel.

So here's how I'm juggling and walking a tightrope.

I'm not.

I have decided that I will dance to a different tune every day, but I have scheduled my rehearsals so I can dance efficiently. Some days the music will be fast, and I'll have to move quickly, working on the projects my editor at Entangled gives to me first. Other days the beat will be slower. I'll use the time to flesh out my next story, staying on course until I finish the first draft. Having a rehearsal schedule allows me to play every day with my words at the best time for capitalizing on my creativity. It also gives me time to organize my marketing/business life when my inner administrator takes over my brain.

Of course, I've only figured out how to dance to my new writing life's tune. The housework will simply have to suffer. It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for my career. And now here's the debut release date for THE MAVERICK'S RED HOT REUNION!

Drum roll....  JUNE 30TH!!!  Super squee time!!


Stephanie Jones AKA Alicia Hunter Pace said...

I am so proud of you for staying positive under your challenging circumstances!

I just can't wait to see that book of yours!


Christine said...

Thank you Stephanie. I can't wait to see that book of mine either LOL. I'm currently writing in a wind tunnel environment while the water mitigation fans do their thing on my floors. Always something to work around in this place :)