Monday, March 11, 2013

I Hope You Dance

If you've been following me on Twitter or Facebook, you'll know a bit of this past weekend's romp. The Physicist and I played hooky from life and drove to Chattanooga. We'd booked a hotel, THE CHATTANOOGAN via a Groupon for only $79 versus the regular night cost of $179. We weren't sure what to expect, but when we arrived, we were very pleased with our choice.

The hotel's lobby was beautiful and well lit with a double glass see through fire place. The front desk and service when we checked in was top notch. And the best part was that we were told about a Date Night Special. We booked a reservation, then went out to explore the area around the Aquarium and eat lunch. We walked a lot, ate Mediterranean food, and explored the bluff artist district. Then we rode the free shuttle back to the hotel and chilled out. We both needed it. We've been dealing with a lot of external stressors since before Christmas and the Physicist had been overseas on a stressful test run of systems which kept him busy for 3.5 weeks. (That's when I truly become feral and give up on wearing makeup. You can read about that here.)

After we lounged around and did NOTHING for a couple of hours, we went down to eat our dinner. Date Night Dinner for 2, 4 courses, a bottle of GOOD wine (Francis Coppola) for only $65. Can't beat that price. Though I'm usually leery about the menu choices in a fixed price meal, this menu didn't disappoint. We had 4 choices of appetizers, 4 choices of salads, 4 choices of entrees and a flight of shot glass filled dessert bites afterward. The wine was a very good Cabernet, but if we had wanted, we could have had a wonderful white wine.

We ordered two different appetizers: duck and a bison meat loaf slider and shared them. They were excellent. Then we ordered our salads which were well, you know, salad. Then we had very good sirloin steaks with excellent side dishes. The steaks were thick, cooked to perfection, and delicious. Dessert was decent. And just right to cap off the dinner. And the wine was worth the meal cost alone. And the service was top notch. Our waiter was gracious and accommodating.

They do this EVERY WEEKEND!! Talk about a steal of a deal.

After dinner, we went to the hotel's martini/speciality drink bar. The FOUNDRY. A jazz group & singer played music while we sipped on designer drinks which were very reasonably priced. And then we danced. Yup. We danced and we had fun and the little floor filled up and it felt so right. You know after all these years of marriage, there just aren't many places to go where we can dance unless someone gets married. And then the mix of music can be iffy. But this was our music, our generation, our time. And we had a blast.

Time slipped and we were young again. Still crazy in love. Still wanting to dance. And still not caring what anyone thought about our movin' and groovin' on the dance floor.

And that's what makes my personal romance world a little brighter. When you are out and about with your personal hero, I hope you still want to dance.

What brings back the romance in your life?


RedPeril said...

I'm delighted you had such a good time in Chattanooga! I hope you are every bit as refreshed as you sound. Stressful times call for deliberate measures.

And you've seriously sold me on the idea of a weekend getaway there. What a great deal for such a grand time! ^_^

~Angela Blount

Christine said...

Next time I see a groupon for the hotel I'll send you the link. :)

Angel Nicholas said...

Whenever we can slip free of our life's anchors, I count that a plus. It sounds as though you did just that, dancing the night away with your husband. After such a wonderful respit, I'm sure you've returned to "real" life refreshed and you'll get oodles accomplished.

Angel :)

Petra said...

That sounds like a perfect weekend and very good for the marriage soul. It is nice to reconnect and do more stuff together now that the kids are practically grown, I know the feeling!

Meda White said...

My hubs and I keep talking about a getaway to Chattanooga. It sounds like such a great time. Speaking of lighting the fire (or rekindling it), my hubs texted me while he was eating lunch (leftovers that I made)to tell me that he was thinking of me and how lucky he was to have me as his partner in life. The food was that good. Needless to say, I teared up. I am loved and blessed.

Christine said...

Angela, I really did return to real life refreshed and ready to tackle the next challenges.

Petra: It was a fabulous weekend. I'm also glad I managed to do it on a budget. Felt like we spent a lot, but we didn't. Made it all the sweeter.

Meda: Your husband sounds like a sweetie. Hang on to him!! Good men are hard to find. I'm blessed to have my guy in my life :-)