Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moving On to New Beginnings

Yesterday the Teen graduated from High School. I thought I'd cry, but I didn't. I cried at the Cast Party because that is where the Teen's friends and life has revolved for all these years. I'll miss the "Crew" and all their running in and out of the house. I'm glad I have been and hope to continue to be their Drama Mama.

But the graduation itself was anti-climactic. Frankly, when there are over 700 students graduating everyone is just relieved when the last person's name is called. It was truly like a well-oiled machine. The speeches were tired and unrehearsed (in one case unprepared) when the officials spoke. The students who spoke did a great job (because they actually wrote speeches and for them this was NEW).

Complete mayhem afterward... 7000 plus people trying to connect with each others, a flurry of photographs while juggling diplomas and programs and coats and books and cell phones, and hasty hellos and goodbyes.

I was glad to get into the car and drive to the restaurant. Even the Teen was glad it was over. All our tears were shed during the Cast Party. I loved her people and I will miss her people. Advanced Production was her home at her high school. And that's what she'll miss.

Now we're off to new beginnings. Next on the horizon for the Teen is her entry into University. I can't wait to watch my War Eagle fly!!

Meanwhile, I'm off to a new beginning as well. I'm returning to the writing full speed ahead. I have to revise the beginning of my manuscript and I have to do it well. The changes will cause a ripple effect throughout the manuscript, but I am ready to dig in and do the work. I'll start revising tomorrow and continue through the weekend. I've promised the Physicist to emerge in the evenings to keep him company, but during the day, I am committed to working.

Because this is what makes me a professional. I've programmed myself to work hard and to get the job done. I've allowed myself ample time to noodle the story and brainstorm the changes. I have given myself permission to be a Mom first this week, but now I am parking my Mom Mobile and getting into my Writer's Wagon. It'll be a long and bumpy ride, but I'm confident I can do this...

I just have to get into the chair and start. So until I finish my revisions, I will be in my cave, hiding... I will emerge on Facebook and Twitter for brief breaths of air and socialization, but other than that I'll be off the Internet.

Wish me luck. Cross all appendages. Drop pennies in a well for me.... I need good mojo!!


Stephanie Jones AKA Alicia Pace said...

I wish you much luck but I know that with your talent and hard work that you won't need it!

Christine said...

Thanks Stephanie. Tho' at times I feel like a hack. I just push on through and do my best. Eventually something flows and the words make sense.