Friday, May 11, 2012

Computer Meltdown & Winner of WORTH THE RISK

A short post to remind everyone to back up their work onto a portable hard drive. I'm glad I did!! My entire computer's hard drive is backed up onto a portable hard drive every day. Good thing I do this because my trusty little laptop Mac is hosed. Yup. HOSED. I can't tell you how painful it has been to watch my Mac slowly die. Yup. Painful. So now it's at the Apple Store where I hope it is fixed SOONER than later, but the truth is I could be without my own computer until next week.

Not a huge big deal except I can't restore my hard drive with all my email contacts, some of them very important like editor and agent email addresses, until my computer is returned to me. Sigh. I have to say, I'm more upset about losing email viability and my instant connection to the Internet. All my lovely bookmarks are -- well -- they aren't on the Physicist's laptop.

So that has put me in a bit of a bad mood. Just a bit. And of course all this happens during my struggle to craft a new story. One which has been giving me fits. And it all happens while I'm taking an awesome online class with Roxanne St. Claire so now it's hard to post my homework. And I'm in the middle of trying to get a website made and posted which means emailing the designer and working from a "blind" position.

Oh, did I mention my WORLD is on the Internet? Yep. I am a slave to it in so many ways. Most of my friends don't live here. The friends I do have here work full time jobs and/or are busy writing so the only contact I have with them is via email or Facebook or Twitter.

Oh, how I miss my tweetdeck. Sigh.

I do have the Physicist's laptop at my disposal, but I feel like an interloper in a foreign land while I'm using it. The keyboard is unfamiliar and the way my hands rest on his bigger computer hurts my wrists. I am, to be honest, bereft.

But at least I will have my hard drive restored to me very soon. Hopefully no later than Tuesday.

And now, because I'd rather celebrate than whine about life anymore, here is the winner of WORTH THE RISK by Robin Bielman.




Caryn Caldwell said...

Oh, no! As soon as I read your first sentence, I wondered if you had lost everything. Good thing you had it backed up. Still, it's SO hard to be without a computer, isn't it?

Christine said...

Yah, it was tough!! And now I'm even more paranoid about losing my precious words. I'm backing up every day on the external backup drive as well as on thumb drives.