Friday, November 4, 2011

Catadora Tonks and Her Purrfect Day

Cat in a Box 
Well, I wasn't going to get another fur baby, but famous last words. As many of my followers know, along with my friends, after two months of mourning the DFC,  I caved to the lure of a sweet baby who was bound for the pound. I couldn't say no to this kitten. And honestly? I am so glad I said yes. Catadora Tonks has brought life and laughter and love into our home.

She is a light, creamy orange kitten with no white. She is completely buff and and has perfect markings. She is tiny. Super tiny. The vet said she has a baby personality. She is "sweet & adorable all the time." That pretty much sums up Tonks. She is MY baby, but she plays with and purrs with and cuddles with anyone who wants to hold her and be with her.

She is beyond cute. And beyond funny. Here are some highlights of Catadora Tonks during her perfect day:

Tonks with her favorite toy.
*cat mommy wakes up. Tonks is ready to play. Tonks bounces all over the bed, like Tigger, bop bop bop from mound to moving hand under the blankets. Oh, what a fun and amazing toy is this bed with humans in it.

*time to eat. bop bop bop to the kitty litter and food bowls in the humans' master bedroom bathroom. Oh joy!!

*bounce to the kitchen, investigate the spigots, get some water sprayed on her fur to get off counter, bounce to another place, play with orange mouse-like toy

*cat mommy is boring. She is in front of the computer in her office, typing. Tonks must investigate. She chews the corner of the laptop, bounces to the cords. Shoot more water to dissuade. She plays under special cat toy, she bounces to the printer area and hides in the paper. Chews more cords. Gets squirted. She jumps on chair and sleeps.

*Whew, what a tough morning. Time to watch cat mommy exercise. Oh, nibbling her nose and chin and hair while cat mommy tries to do push ups is fun. Oh, reverse squats mean legs to chase. More FUN!

*eat, watch cat mommy take a shower, lick cat mommy's feet when she steps out of the shower (just in case she missed a spot), then try to jump on the bathroom counter to check out what cat mommy is doing while she gets ready for her day. Mommy helps. Check spigot. Lick the sink. Yuck. Jump into cat bed, groom self and watch cat mommy blow dry her hair and put on makeup. We are getting ready together.


*chase Mischief and ask her to play. Get hissed at. Run and hide. Try again.

*cat mommy boring again. More computer stuff. Lay on mommy's lap. Sleep and purr (really loud). Snuggle. Bring toy to play with during mommy's break. Ask for water. Ask for food. Sleep again.

*everyone's home. Chase Mischief again. Get hissed at. Run away. Do it all again. Act naughty. Get sprayed. Go lay with Cat Daddy on his recliner. Take a nap with him.

*chase Mischief, eat, play around, be silly. Meowyawn. Time for bed. Lay next to cat mommy. Sleep till  hungry. Start purring really loud. Nibble on mommy's nose. Mommy carries Tonks to the food and water. Eat. Drink. Go back to bed. Sleep. Nibble mommy's nose two more times. Mommy puts hands in front of her face. Alarm! Time to get up!! Time to get playing all over again.

Wouldn't you think you hit the jackpot if you were Tonks?


Anne Gallagher said...

What a sweet kitty! Now you've got me wanting another little person in the house.

Christine said...

Awe, thanks Anne. They do bring life and laughter into the house. Though Mischief might meow something different about that perspective. I forgot how much a kitten can be to have around.

And to top it off, she's also sweet and adorable and cuddly.


Lynn Raye Harris said...

I'm so glad you took the plunge and got a kitten. They really do bring joy and laughter to a house. She's not a replacement for DFC, but she's a new special baby to love. :) I've never regretted getting my two after the first two passed on. They make me happy. :)

Christine said...

Hi Lynn: You're right. I still miss DFC, but Tonks has filled our house with so much fun and laughter. She's a wonderful addition to our family. Right now she's cuddling with me on my lap. Can't beat a cat's cuddles.


Katherine Bone said...

Aw! What a blessing a baby, any baby, is to a family. Tonks is adorable and I know she'll bring much love into your life. Not replacing your darling Clancy, but adding to the joy your home holds for you and your family.

Gotta do it. Catatonks, Catatonks, Catatonks, tonks, tonks! Haha! LOVE it!

Christine said...

Hi Kathy: Thanks so much for your kind words. Glad you are having so much fun with Tonks' name :-)