Monday, June 27, 2011

Surviving Pre-travel Jitters

I'm heading to NYC on Tuesday and I'm starting to get my usual pre-travel jitters. I love to visit new places and friends, but I always get nervous before I go on a trip. I'm especially bad when I have to rely on transportation other than my own vehicle. It's not that I hate to fly or go by bus or hit the rails but I do hate to be out-of-control of the wheel. I just worry about  more things going wrong than right. I'm also terrified I'll forget something important like my brain or a boarding pass. And I'm sure something terrible will happen between here and my future destination.

I've come by this ultra-tense state genetically. My father was the same way. Despite years of traveling to foreign countries, he became increasingly nervous right before each trip. As he got older, he'd arrive at the airport earlier and earlier until it was almost better to drop him off at the terminal the night before his flight.

Here is my current list of pre-travel jitters:

1) What if my ride bails on me? I need to have an alternate plan just in case and I do.

2) What if I miss my bus? How will I get to NYC?

3) Will there be ample time to get refreshed after I arrive at the Marriott Marquis?

4) Will I forget my strapless bra? If I do, I can buy one on Times Square.

5) What if they lose my luggage (less likely by bus, but it could happen!)?

6) What if I get sick? This is a big concern for me as I am not 100% right now.

7) What if my klutzy gene kicks in and I trip and break a limb or get a concussion?

8) What if I'm stuck next to the bathroom on the bus (gross!)?

9) What if I forget my chargers for all my electronic equipment? (OK replaceable, but a pain!)

10) Where will I find a store to buy wine and will people frown upon my search?

So that's my list of concerns regarding Tuesday's trip. I'm sure there will be other ones. I tend to roll that way. The only good part about this particular travel plan is I don't have to worry about getting lost because I'm on a bus with a driver that knows the way.

Wait! What if the bus driver falls asleep at the wheel and we suffer a horrific crash and I don't get to go to Nationals?

I should write dark, suspenseful stories, right? Do you suffer from pre-travel jitters? How do you cope? Share your concerns with me. I will understand!



Tami Brothers said...

You are funny, Christine! You will do great. Have fun on the bus. Never thought of getting there that way. Would be a lot more affordable for me. Will have to look into that for next year.

Have fun!!!

Carol Burnside aka Annie Rayburn said...

Too funny, but also eerily familiar. That's all I'm sayin' 'bout that!