Friday, June 10, 2011

4 Hour Body Check In-Skinny for NYC

Well I am finally back to normal health again which means I can work out! Woohoo. I made it to Zumba two times this week, and I spent a long day cleaning house on Wednesday so that counts in my book. I need to start up with Jillian Michaels SHRED again, and will do so later this morning.

I measured myself and was pleasantly surprised to discover that I hadn't gained anywhere. I have lost another .5 inch off one of my thighs, but I wish it was off my bust or my belly. And that brings me to something I am NOT happy about which is my bust size. I haven't been measuring it, but it seems to be growing. And it's not my back, because I measured under my ever growing bust and it is a nice normal size. Perfect and exactly where I was as a teen (Ripleys!). So what gives? Now two dresses I'd hoped to wear to Nationals fit everywhere but, you guessed it, my bust!! I am busted up about it.

Oh well. What can a girl do? I'm going through the first stages of the lovely "change" and I guess I get to have weird bust size growth as a result. I'm not sticking my head in the sand about it. I will keep measuring the area and see if what I am doing will help decrease the size a bit, but I'll be honest. I'm MIFFED. I have been eating healthy, working out, and trying to be GOOD even when I've been sick and this is my reward?


Oh well. Thank you Mother Nature. Anyway, the good news is that I have one amazing dress that I bought in February with my BF so I have one night of fun covered (either the Kiss of Death Death by Chocolate party or the Golden Heart/RITA ceremony). I also went out with Darling Teen on Tuesday and bought several pieces for Nationals, including two pencil skirts in a size smaller (yay me!). So all is not lost. However, now I have to find a second dress to wear to one of the Gala nights because I can't count on the bust getting smaller between now and July 1st.

I feel like the 4 Hour Body diet is not a perfect solution for me because I'm stuck, but I have lost 10.5 inches off of other body parts over the past 2.5 months. It's just not enough. I wish I was back to the size I was two years ago, but I'm not. I have to accept that the weight will just take longer to come off because I am *gasp* getting older.

Everything I've read about getting older says I'm fighting an uphill battle. The body and the hormones are not going to make this easy. But I keep clinging to the words my Darling Hubby said--"we're in it for the long haul." He's lost 8 pounds and is starting to look thinner in the face and belly. He's had to cheat a few times due to his travel schedule, but he is seeing results which is fabulous.

So am I. Plus the energy I get from the diet is excellent. However, I think I may change it up a bit and add fruit back into the equation. It's summer. I want strawberries and watermelon. How is fruit bad for you? The sugar? Well, the 4 Hour Body diet allows for wine which has sugars in it, so I am rebelling! To think chocolate used to be my rebellion food. Now it's strawberries. Hmmm

Okay, so here are my stats (minus the gargantuan bust stat grrr):

Waist: same
Hips: same
Upper Right Thigh: down .5
Upper Left Thigh: same
Bicep: same

Total inches lost this week: .5
Total inches lost to date: 10.5

Goals for the next two weeks include adding the SHRED back into my workout regime, Zumba on Thursday, more water with lemon, and sticking to the plan with one exception: fruit is allowed!

So that's my story for this week. How do you deal with setbacks? Do you give up? Get mad? Or get even?

I plan to GET EVEN!



unstoppablestart said...

Hi Christine. Thanks for being so candid with your post. I too hate my bust size, and like you have remained the same around the ribs since I was a teen. I have those wonderful post-baby DDs that just don't fit anywhere except around my waist. Makes me nuts! However, in an effort to embrace the bust I did visit Victoria's Secret a couple of years ago (you know her secret, right?) and found something sexy that I wear on occassion to, shall we say, improve the image. Otherwise, I have nothing! Love them, they are part of you, and check out the I.N.C. line at Macy's. They're generously cut up there. Smooches...Lindy

Marilyn Baron said...

I am proud of you for trying to lose weight. You're right about it being more difficult as we age. I went on vacation a week ago and gained four pounds and have just now dropped them. I seem to be losing the same pounds over and over again. I need to go on a diet but don't want to. I'm trying to cut back on portions, drink water instead of anything else. Good luck.
Marilyn Baron

Christine said...

Hi Lindy: thanks for the bra tips! I will check them out. Meanwhile, I have to find a beautiful dress that will look nice on me for Nationals. I just don't get it because my BRAS fit and are looser. I looked this up and most of the websites said that as we get older, the tissue changes. Our milk glands get replaced with FAT deposits. Yay me. Meh. But I will stay true to my course of action and refrain from bad carbs. I am going to add fruit back into the diet. I just miss it too much.

Thanks for popping in and giving me the great feedback!


Christine said...

Hi Marilyn: I had a mini-meltdown this week when my beautiful dress didn't fit me. Not going to lie. Here I've been working out, eating right, doing all these great things and losing inches everywhere only to have them creep into my bust line as a result of aging. Grrr hissssss. But I bucked up and went to the gym today to workout and I signed up for a Linksystem review next week Thursday. Positive steps, right?

I think if you add more water to your diet, you'll flush out the weight quicker. Portion control is important, too.

Thanks for your support! I really appreciate it :-)

Katherine Bone said...

Christine, you always have the best tid-bits about stuff!

Your post today brings up an interesting subject because when I lose weight, the first thing to go is any kind of ample bust. These days, however, that isn't happening and though I've always wanted a bigger bust, I'm inclined to say it's getting in my way nowadays. Funny how men never seem to worry about a woman's bust. Our priorities are askew, are they not? LOL!

I'm vowing, as of today, to drink lots and lots of water. I know much of my weight is water weight because I tend not to drink as much as I should. So, you heard it here. I'm drinking water all day long but will cheat and keep my hot tea in the mornings (and maybe for an afternoon treat).

And the best exercise is to bellydance. I have quite a few DVDs but who wants to do this with your mother in the room. Grrrr! So it's walking and bicycling for me.

Gwen Hernandez said...

You're doing great, Christine! Sometimes not gaining is a huge step too.

I think the hardest part to remember about weight/fat loss is that if you want it to stick, it's going to be slow. I've lost 13 pounds, but it's taken over a year. One pound/month was NOT my goal, but I'm still happy to be lighter than I was last year.

Stick with it and get even, and know that you'll look great this year, and even better next year! And in the end, make sure you *feel* great. That's what really matters.


Christine said...

Hey Katherine: I love the idea of belly dancing. I take Zumba and there are belly dancing songs in it that I enjoy a lot. I would love to take a class at the Y. I think you look beautiful, too.

MORE WATER. That is the key. I'm increasing the water intake and adding fruit. I know it's not in the 4 Hour Body diet plan, but I need some fruit. I miss it (and it is good for the system).


Christine said...

Hi Gwen: I used to be able to lose weight and keep it off before I turned 40 but now that I'm over the 40 bump and cruising higher I can honestly say it is just not easy. I read that a woman gains 12-15 pounds from age 45-60 during the pre-menopause/menopause years. The weight does not shed easily (proof here!), and it goes to the abs for the most part. It's to help us get through the hot flashes and because we're losing all our important hormones. I'm actually going to the doctor in July to get all that tested again. I hope to have a solution to help me get through this "change" with better results on my diet.

Meanwhile, I have great energy and I FEEL great so there's a lot to be said for that, too. And I plan to push hard between now and my road trip to VA and up to NYC. 2.5 weeks till we're celebrating so many wonderful things!!