Friday, June 24, 2011

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!!

The lone Travel Pro
I've been packing my stuff for the Romance Writers of America's big Annual Conference in NYC. I am also packing for a trip to see friends in Virginia before and after the conference.

I thought I could manage it all in one big suitcase and one cosmetic bag from the TRAVELPRO company. The big suitcase is a bit battered, but it can hold a lot of stuff.
My shoe dilemma

I always begin packing by making a comprehensive list. This time I had a mini-travel-to-VA list as well. That meant casual clothes along with fancy clothes and professional clothes. And all the shoes to go with the various outfits for both parts of my trip.

Purses and bling.
I felt confident I could do it. I taped my lists to the wall in the bedroom and began gathering my various articles of clothing and shoes and stuff for the trip. Oh, did I mention I need more than one purse, too? Yah, each dress I'm wearing to the fancy parties requires a different style of clutch and I have to have a big girl purse because I don't think my little Kavu purse will suffice (but I LOVE that purse--it's so easy to find stuff in it!!).

My new shoes in center!
I started out by putting my shoes at the bottom of the big suitcase. I have a drop cover that I can use to cover them.
Didn't work. I just couldn't fit all the clothes for both parts of the trip as well as the shoes into one big suitcase. So up the stairs I went to get a small suitcase to use for the VA part of the trip. Sigh. I had to unpack everything, then repack it all and that worked.

My shoes all fit!
So I have 1 big suitcase, 1 small suitcase, 1 cosmetic bag, my briefcase, my Kavu, my daughter's huge duffel bag, my daughter's computer stuff, my daughter's companion stuff to fit in on the way back from VA, as well as a pool bag, a wine bag (yes, I have my priorities straight), a cooler for normal drinks, a hostess bag, and a food bag to drag up north as well.

I guess I'll be shipping books back to Alabama because the shoes took up all my extra space!

Two suitcases packed! 
How do you prepare for packing? Am I crazy for bringing so many shoes?

And here's a confession: I left out a pair that I really wanted to bring, too.

P.S. I did pack my tiara. If you can guess where I put it based on this picture, I'll send you a Starbucks gift card!!


Jennifer Shirk said...

Oh my gosh! I'm only bringing three pairs of shoes but now I'm thinking I should throw in a few more. LOL

Christine said...

Jennifer: the only reason I am bringing so many is that I can... I'm driving to VA and then bus to NYC. I love shoes and I just couldn't decide which ones would work best! If only all my friends had the same size feet! We could share them!


Heidi said...

OK, so if its based on the picture of the 2 suitcases, you must have put the tiara in the bigger one since that is the one you are taking to NYC. If I have to get specific, I'm going to guess inside a purse, probably the Kavu since you mentioned it specifically.

Have fun crazy shoe lady!!!!

Christine said...

Haha, Heidi! You're right about the purse, but wrong about the specific purse. I put it in my big black "big girl" bag and popped it into the big suitcase.

But you were close so you win the $10 card from Starbucks :-)