Monday, April 5, 2010

WIP Round 1

This week I am heading back into the treacherous waters and revising my current WIP. Oh joy. Actually, now that I want to plunge into the story, I'm excited about the possibilities.

Today's Goals:

*go into total doc and mark global changes I know will stick
*put transposed scenes back in order
*if time, start cutting out scenes I know won't stay

And for fun:

*500-1000 words on my YA idea
*play with a new blog site (I plan to move to a new site over the summer)

All you writers know that these goals are part of my bigger life: one where I have to put on my other hats and be a helpful DIL and mother and wife and friend. But somehow, with proper time management, I believe I can get this work done. I am nothing if not ambitious.


MaryC said...

Good luck, Christine. I'm doing a workshop on story structure at savvywriters this week with Larry Brooks. Hopefully it will give me a better sense of what I should be doing with this story.

Christine said...

Thanks MaryC--I downloaded and bought Larry's book about story structure. Every bit of info helps!

Did you read the article about writing into the mist by Jo Beverly in the RWR April Edition? It's got some fabulous insights into the process of writing.

Onward ho!

MaryC said...

I haven't read that article yet but I did hear her give the speech about it way back at RWA in 1999.

Christine said...

I think it's an excellent read. I would love to hear the talk. I think my CP has it -- will double check.

Ellen Brickley said...

Good luck, Christine - those goals sound realistic and I'm sure you'll do great.

Christine said...

Thanks Ellen. How is your writing going? Hopefully, you'll have less revisions than I do right now. Meh.

Working it hard today. Would love to get to the midway point with one of the global fixes, but it's slow going. I'm almost there.... whew....

Christine said...
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marthawarner said...

WooHoo! I've got you on iGoogle now so I know when you make a new post!!

You have such great energy - keep up the positive outlook and you'll have no problem whipping the WIP! :)

M.V.Freeman said...

You are very inspiring Christine, and you have this amazing ability to handle so many hats.

I think one of my hats just fell on the floor...dang it.

Hugs to you!


Christine said...

Martha: what is iGoogle? I am so techno challenged. But I love that you can see when I post LOL.

I managed to get through the first 150 pages today with my global edits and some cuts. Oh, joy. And I did get the thoughts down re: where I am going with this mangled mess.

Christine said...

M.V.: my hats are many this week for sure. I am happy to say my brain had a good workout today. Almost lost all of 100 pages of edits, but found and relabeled them again.

Blood, sweat and tears!
Is that a band?

Okay, back to regrouping... tomorrow is a new day and 100 plus pages to mark my global edits in.

M.V.Freeman said...

I do think "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" is the writer's band.

My current favorite.

Keep going Christine!!!!

marthawarner said...

Hey, Christine!

150 pages? Woohoo! That's great!

iGoogle is Google's version of a home page where I can see my email, any RSS feed I want, the weather,... just about any application I can find to stick there at my fingertips. Up until I figured out the RSS feed thing - I had to guess when a blogger blog got a new post 'cause they don't email you like WordPress can.

Did I hear you say you were moving? Please say WP... lol.

Christine said...

Hi Martha: I will have to get my CP to walk me through iGoogle and all things Word Press! Yes, that's where I am moving to -- if I can figure out how to export this blog without losing all the wonderful graphics my daughter put in for me. She's busy with a musical so I have to wait till after this week.

Yeah, 150 pages of global changes, edits and cuts. I am plowing through the next 120 pages today. Then I'll know what I have left to work with for this book.

Onward Ho!