Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tweet, Tweet--Hi There, Staying in Touch--Ring, Ring

I'm in the middle of my current revision. Occasionally, I take a break and come up for air, but for the most part I'm keeping my fingers on the keyboard for one purpose only: writing.

But writing and focusing on the revision isn't easy when all my distractions, a large portion of them, are right here on my computer. If I get stuck or bored or angry about the scalpel job I have to do AGAIN, well all I have to do is click on Safari and go to to my bookmarks and voila! I have found my virtual world of friends.

I've got FaceBook and my blog. I follow blogs. I FB follow my friends. I dabble with a couple of non-writing forums (only to leave quickly because the other forums aren't nearly as wonderful and giving as my writing forums), and I recently added TWITTER to my repertoire of computer distractions.

Why? I don't have time. Oh, I do, but only if I don't write or clean or shop for groceries or tend to the family or (and yes, I am leaving out the commas on purpose) or or or.... but still I dabble.

I have a CP who does not use her computer for anything BUT writing.
Nora Roberts doesn't write a word she doesn't get paid for, but then as another CP said, NR doesn't need to network.

Do we? Do we really need to network?

I do. Writing is lonely. And nobody gets writers other than writers. But that's really the only reason I network. I'm not published and I don't have a brand. If I spend all my time wondering how to get my name out there, I won't get my writing done. And then my brand, whatever that might be, would be pointless because I'd have nothing to sell but my... oh yeah, nothing to try to sell.

I'll be honest, I miss the phone. I miss long chats on the telephone with my friends. There are a few I call regularly to this day and we all believe that talking, really talking, leads to less loneliness and isolation than all the Tweets, FB status comments and more.

But so many people don't have time to talk. And so many of my new friends are friends I've made in the virtual world. In essence, this crazy virtual world is my phone.

So call me on this blog, don't get too disheartened if, during revisions, my answering machine picks up instead, and when in doubt, try to tweet me on twitter. I'll try to find time to tweet back.

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MaryC said...

Hi Christine. Glad to hear you're being so good about your revisions.

You said -
"Writing is lonely. And nobody gets writers other than writers."

For me this is key. Nothing inspires me like other writers and I've never encountered a more generous community than my writing friends.

Good luck with your work.

Christine said...

Hi MaryC: I know--the romance writing community is so vital and supportive. I would be adrift without the writers I've met along the way.

Good luck with your work, too!

Gwen Hernandez said...

This is why I love Twitter, even as I curse the addiction. ;-) It's the community and the friendships and the support. And the occasional bit of industry news that lead me to another blog I don't have time for...

Christine said...

Hi Gwen: I'm just getting the knack of using TWITTER, but I must say I had some interesting "followers" try to follow me--names that weren't romance writer like at all, but they definitely were about "romance" ;-). I had to report 8 of them as SPAM. aack.

And now, back to the revisions.

Talli Roland said...

I know, all the social networking is so distracting, isn't it? But it's a good distraction and I love networking with writers!

Wendy Marcus said...

Hi Christine!
Good for you for staying focused! I refuse to twitter. I cannot handle one more distraction. And I love blogging, same as you, to connect with others who are experiencing the same triumphs and frustrations as me...and to learn new things about my craft...something you help with by sharing your revision process. So thanks!

Christine said...

Hi Talli: right now I wish I could telepathically tweet but it's not possible. Just doing a quick check in on the blog because I am in housework he** (Darling Hubby invited a colleague over--house is a sty--ER Clean in process--only the surfaces they can see).

But I digress. I already shoveled the "to be called" papers and "to be filed and processed" papers in my in-box for a go-through tomorrow. I am determined to get some writing done today.

At least doing housework makes me want to do revisions LOL ;-)

Christine said...

Hi Wendy: I know what you mean about Twitter. I am trying to post on it once a day, but I am not all that plugged in as of yet. No time. And, now I am inundated with unwelcome "honey can I bring home a colleague who's never seen the house and can you cook dinner" He**. Argh.

But this makes me really want to get back to my revisions--I have a spit and polish to to on the floors and guest bath after spending countless time prepping the dinner. Meh. I just want to be left alone with my computer and all my peeps.

I am promising myself not to whine about revisions for the next week as a result of this hubby interruption. I'd rather revise than clean any day!

Jeannie Campbell, LMFT said...

oh my. to be nora roberts and not have to worry about networking and platform building. *sigh* good for you, though...churning out those words!

The Character Therapist

Christine said...

Hi Jeannie: Yes, wouldn't it be lovely to be NR? Oh, I can't wait to hear her speak this summer. She is one of my favorite R writers. I think I read and reread her BORN IN -- series dozens of times.

Ultimately, the writing is what matters. No words, no MS, no revisions? No sale. Hence, no reason for a platform.