Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Write Rewards

I've been out of touch for a while because I've been playing with my dearest friend who came to visit our family all the way from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Woohoo! I did write every day while she was here before the troops woke up, but I spent the rest of my time hanging out with her and the family.

For a few short days, I did things I don't usually give myself time to do. We all went for long drives to show her the area, ate yummy lunches, shopped for home decorating items and stayed up late chatting while watching the OSCARS and Johnny Carson DVDs.

FUN! Sometimes we writers are so absorbed in our imaginary worlds that we forget to enjoy our big world. This weekend reminded me that I do enjoy shopping for cute odds and ends, rearranging furniture, exploring my surroundings, playing around and just plain chillaxin'.

Oh, and the laughing. Yup. And the sharing of thoughts. Even better.

I can't think of a better way to reward myself for finishing the plot revision. Now I am happy and relaxed and ready to head into the next pass through. And I know it's time to pull it all together for my CPs, ship it off for their input, print it out for my future reading for revision details.

But it's time to put the darling WIP to rest for a week or so. Let it percolate. Let it be.

And by doing that, I am released to read books, pour my creative juices into other avenues like decorating the house and take time to travel to see other friends during DD's spring break.

And speaking of Spring, I hope you all love my DD's handiwork. She redesigned my blog while I redesigned the house. I think she deserves a little extra shopping money for all her hard work, don't you?

So pop on by and tell me how YOU reward yourselves for getting the writing work to a good stopping point.


KarenG said...

I could just quote your list-- go out to lunch, read books, shop, shop, shop (did I say that already?), putter around the house getting reacquainted with my home and my garden (if it's not winter.) And cooking, but only if I'm in the mood.

Christine said...

I know--it's like revisiting long lost friends when we reward ourselves -- it's a refreshing change!

Cooking is one of mine as well. My friend and I tried two different recipes while she was here. Yummmmmmmmy.

Ellen B said...

I love the new blog look, Christine :D Your DD did a lovely job.

Glad you've been having fun. You're right, stepping away from the computer is important too!

Christine said...

Hi Ellen: It's been a lovely break. Now I am compiling my MS and getting it ready to send to my CP. Time to move forward and think about filling the brain again.

How is your MS coming along?

Gwen Hernandez said...

Love the new blog look; extra allowance for sure! ;-)

So glad you're done with the first full draft. Can't wait to see it!

Christine said...

Hi Gwen: yeah, it is what it is... glad to get it out of here...

And yes, DD does get a little extra in her allowance :-)