Monday, March 22, 2010

Status Update: Travel, Trucks & Tone

Ah, I've had a wonderful break from life in the real world. After wrapping up my WIP and printing it, I was off on a road trip with my DD. Here are my travel stats:

*two gals, two GPS systems in conflict, too many choices on the roadways
*more amazing food than I care to admit eating, but my pants are more than aware!
*the USA is an amazing country--each area unique and special and inspiring
*over 776 miles put on the vehicle in 6 days
*Duke University: beautiful campus. Can I go? Oh, forgot. $53, 390 tuition PER YEAR aack!
*I85 South to Atlanta -- SCARY
*Demon Van (ask now, I will tell you later)
*Malls, beautiful malls
*IKEA: not just the Poang Chair. Eat the hot dogs. DD treated me.
*Reading-Reading-Reading: we watched zero TV
*Talking-Talking-Talking: are we hoarse yet?
*Late-Lost-Both: so much for having two GPS Systems. Tom Tom argued with the Honda's guidance
*Amazing critique by amazing author, Stephanie Bond, at GRWA meeting: so much to mull!
*Amazing din din with a writing friend in Atlanta: thanks DD for putting up with "writer talk."
*side roads: sometimes the road less traveled is the best road to take

Now I'm back, DD is back in school, and DH is able to go to work full time after nearly 6 weeks at home with me. The house is quiet. Too quiet. The dust bunnies have called. The critique is mystifying me. My CPs are supportive. My house is calling me to straighten it up before I forge ahead.

I am listening. Mulling time is officially on!


Zoe said...

Great to hear that your WIP is done for now! I know this happened a while back but I fell of blogland for a bit.

The roadtrip with your DD sounds like a lovely way to round it all up!

btw, I love the new blog layout.

Christine said...

Hi Zoe: I know all about falling off of blog land. I was off for over a week and just "living." My daughter redesigned my blog. She's going to help me with designing my website this summer. She's so talented. And patient. I don't have much of the patience LOL.

I'm glad you're back!

Gwen Hernandez said...

Christine: I'm glad you had a great trip! Enjoy the mulling period. Everything will click into place soon.

Christine said...

Thanks Gwen. It was a lot of fun. Now I'm just taking it easy and getting the house in order-a little bit at a time. If an idea or a thought comes to me, then I write it in my notebook. Other than that, I've stayed away from the MS. Sometimes a solution can't be forced.