Thursday, March 25, 2010

Golden Hearts & My Critique Partner

No, I didn't final in the Golden Heart. But I did get the next best thing: seeing my critique partner, Sharon Wray, final in the Romantic Suspense category. She's entered four times (or five--we can't remember) and this is the first time she has finaled.

Best news of all: a request from a contact's agent/editor as soon as the word was out.

I am over the moon for my friend. She's worked hard for it and she's earned it. She's experienced the low of NOT finaling for four years in a row.

Now she is experiencing the HIGH.

So for those of you out there celebrating, I celebrate with you all. And for those of you out there who are feeling a bit stung and low, remember my friend's experience. Keep writing, keep focused and NEVER GIVE UP!


MaryC said...

Congrats to your CP. What exciting news for her and what a wonderful reward for her perseverance.

Hugs to you but chin up because, while finaling is amazing and certainly a validation of your work, not finaling really shouldn't mean anything to a writer who knows she's got talent.

Christine said...

Thanks MaryC. I am actually OK with not finaling. I knew one of my entries wouldn't make it because of the erotic elements--and it's still an ongoing work in progress. But I had a few hopes for my MAGGIE finalist MS doing better. To have my CP final made my day. I know how hard she worked for this and she is a tremendous talent.

Nationals will be fun this year!