Friday, June 7, 2013

Heart of Dixie Readers Luncheon: Baskets Galore

I'm attending my fabulous writing organization's Readers Luncheon this Saturday and I'm thoroughly looking forward to it. Not only is it a time to gather with my writing friends and colleagues whom I so rarely get to see, but it's a time to connect with loyal Romance Readers who love our genre.

This is Heart of Dixie's of saying "thank you" to the people who support romance by buying our books, talking about them, and reviewing them online. It's so much fun to see the long line of women (and a few men) waiting to go inside the luncheon room. There they will sit with published authors and have an opportunity to listen to a fabulous keynote speaker as well as get all kinds of goodies.

Both baskets ready to go to the Heart of Dixie Reader's Luncheon
This year's keynote speaker is the ever fantastic J.T. Ellison. Her current release is EDGE OF BLACK. I can't wait to hear her speech as I know it will inspire me. There will be 26 published authors at this event who will sign books as part of a benefit book signing immediately after the luncheon. And for the first time in five years, I will attend as a writer with a publishing contract! Can we say "pinch me now?"

As part of our luncheon we always have baskets for readers to bid on as well as an author basket giveaway. Everyone who is registered for the luncheon has an opportunity to win this basket. Tingling with excitement over here. Usually there is what I call a "lucky table" where the same people win over and over again. Imagine carrying home a boatload of baskets and goodies and books and more home. It's so much fun.
Debut Author Basket

This year I'm donating two baskets to the luncheon. One is my BREAK OUT THE BUBBLY AND THE DARK CHOCOLATE: CELEBRATING DEBUT AUTHORS basket and the other one is my DEBUT SUMMER 2014 ENTANGLED RELEASE basket.

Darling College Kid made the beautiful label.
I'm always so blown away by the generosity of my debut authors. They send autographed books and cool promotional stuff for the CELEBRATION basket. Then I round it out with champagne flutes, sparkling cider, and dark chocolate. What's not to love about that basket?

Here's the list of the wonderful authors who contributed to the basket and the contents:

Marilyn Baron & Sharon Goldman: Murder at the Outlet Mall
Adrienne Giordano: Justifiable Cause: The Chase & Bullet Earrings
Wendy S. Marcus: When One Night isn't Enough & Pen
Jennifer McQuiston: What Happens in Scotland & Bookmark
Cathy Perkins: Honor Code
Carla Swafford: Circle of Danger and Coasters, Bookmarks, & Postcards

The finished basket.

My Debut Summer 2014 Entangled Release Basket Contents

Cute Terra Cotta Planter
One Nook Simple Touch E-Reader with Glow Light
One free copy of my future digital release: The Maverick's Red Hot Reunion
(OK, pinching myself again and turning a wee bit black and blue LOL)

My College Kid made the contact sheet
and About Me Page


Jillian said...

Excited for you to be there with your contracted self! Congrats again!!

Christine said...

Jillian you are so nice!! I'm just happy to see everyone again and the baskets look so pretty. My CK did an amazing job on the labels. :-)

Meda White said...

Baskets look great. I may need a CK in the future. Maybe I can borrow or rent one. :) Have so much fun at the luncheon. Best wishes.

Christine said...

Mine is actually available for a good fee for tumblr site building, blog spiffing up, label making....

I'll give you the info when I see you at the next Southern Magic Meeting. :-)