Monday, February 25, 2013

Writing Life 101

Sometimes writing is two steps backward, one step sideways, and it's often never in the right direction. But I know I will get to the end of the story if I write every day. And I know I have a critique partner Pam Mantovani who will help along the way.

I'm a crapper-pantser-fixer-upper. A moniker I forever immortalized accidentally during a Southern Magic meeting when I learned I was the 2012 Linda Howard Award of Excellence triple finalist.

My CP can attest to my process. It is kind of scary. However, I do appreciate her sticking with me.

How do you face down your manuscript demons? Got any suggestions to make my writing journey less messy?


Angel Nicholas said...

I know exactly what you mean. I write without an outline, and while I know - by the time I've written the first third of the book, anyway - where the story will end, I typically have no idea how they'll get there. I do keep a detailed character list as I write, even if they were only a momentarily blip on the screen. Nobody wants a bunch of Bob's running around their story, let alone two men with the same tattoo.

Angela :)

Christine said...

Hi Angel: I totally understand the name game. I went back to old, old manuscript and there I discovered all the names of my characters who live in newer manuscripts. Crazy. I am plodding along. Revision is where my game is at. Can't change the reality that revising and polishing and doing it again are what works for me.

Thanks very much for stopping by and saying hi!