Saturday, February 16, 2013

Welcome Pam Mantovani

I'm so excited to welcome my critique partner Pam Mantovani into the World Wide Web. I already know she's a fabulous, award winning writer who I'm lucky to have reading my CRAPPER-PANTSER-FIXER-UPPER manuscripts. She's a gifted writer targeting the American Romance Harlequin line and I have a feeling her career's going to soar. I can't wait to read all about her life with her Craftsman in the upcoming months.

But don't hog her from me. I need her to read my manuscripts.

So if you want to welcome Pam Mantovani to the cyber world and start following her, click and say hello to one of the best people I am lucky to have in my life.


Angel Nicholas said...

I'm not sure if I should congratulate Pam or send her a sympathy card. It's a fun headache. Welcome to the club, Pam!

Angel :)

Christine said...

A fun headache for sure. I love blogging, but I have to write first. I put that on a post it at one point: WRITE FIRST, BLOG LATER. It's an easy way to get out there and get to know people, but it's also a great way to creatively avoid the actual writing LOL.