Monday, August 20, 2012

Exercise Etiquette

I have debated about posting this, but what the heck? I'm on a roll. Any rate, as many of you know, I work out at my local gym in two different workout classes: Zumba and Pilates. I love both the classes and the instructors are fantastic. I love most of the people. And the front desk people are fabulous. I love my gym and the social outlet the brief getaway gives me while I'm getting healthy at the same time. It is a win-win situation.

That being said, there are a few basic things that have been driving me crazy because someone is not behaving nicely in the playground. And that just annoys me. So rather than point out that person's behavior, I thought I'd share some of my basic observations and people can draw their own conclusions. No harm. No foul. And no apologies.

Rules for Exercise Etiquette in Group Classes

1. If you are going to leave half way through the class, be gone for ten or so minutes, then return again to workout, please remain at the back of the room so the other class members don't lose their focus.

2. The cell phone is a tool, not a third hand. Please don't look at it and check for messages while you are doing the downward facing dog during Pilates. Really. It's not a pretty view.

3. If you take a number for the very busy spin class to reserve a spot, plan on remaining in that classroom the ENTIRE time. Someone else could have used that time for the full duration of the class.

4. If you arrive late for a class, please enter quietly and go discretely to the back of the class to find your spot.

5. If you are taking a class prior to another class that you want to participate in this is not a license to squat a spot with your water bottle and house keys.

6. If you are taking a class in another classroom AFTER a class, this is not a license to squat a spot with your workout mat an hour before that class starts. Really. This is unfair to those of us who come on time to find a decent spot only to have the front row already marked by an empty mat.

7. If you are in a fast paced dance class like Zumba and you aren't able to count to 8 or keep the rhythm, then please please please go to the back of the class.

8. Personal space and body awareness is key in a fast workout class. Please adjust your position accordingly when the room is filled to over capacity. The mirror is a guide, not a must have. And move your feet. No one wants to break an ankle because they ran into you.

9. Having fancy dance shoes doesn't mean you can dance. Or count.

10. Please don't stare endlessly at other people when you are working out. It's creepy. Really creepy. Especially during Pilates class. Then we know you are watching us.

I would say more but then you might be reading this and if you see yourself in any or all of these suggestions for exercise etiquette, I'll deny it was you I was talking about LOL.

What can I say? I am over it. If I were the ONLY one who had these feelings, I'd park them. But I've discovered that I'm part of an army of fed up women, and a few good men, who are tired of dealing with these particular antics.

You got any exercise etiquette issues you'd like to share with me?


Heather said...

Those are great! Keeping up an exercise routine is challenging enough. It doesn't take much for me to find an excuse to skip out on exercise, and several of the things you pointed out would run me out of a class (and onto a couch where calorie laden chocolate and champagne awaited).

May I add one? Please, please, please don't grunt during your exercise routine. It is annoying when it sounds like the person next to you is giving birth. Thank you, that is all.

Christine said...

Haha.. many of my infractions were broken today. Talking loudly on cell phone CHECK. Arriving late and asking annoying questions. CHECK PLUS. Leaving early after disrupting class with late arrival? CHECK PLUSSSSS. Moaning? Me. But it wasn't the workout.

Petra said...

I have one for the instructor too, specifically our yoga instructor. It's not an academic class, there should be some fun in it too. She is too darn serious and I hate taking her class (as do numerous others). The personal space one is big for me, remember the locker rooms at Lifetime? Ugh! And where weights are concerned: don't drop them (especially macho men are good at that, but there is a restaurant right below our gym and it sounds like thunder there!), put them back and don't hog them. I hate when someone takes the one pair of fifteens and is doing all kinds of exercises without weights. I'm sure I could think of more ;).

Christine said...

Yes, Petra. Tales from the Gym abound. I'm actually dreading today's Zumba class after yesterday's Pilates class. There was a woman who arrived 20 min late, disrupted the class stupid questions, then left 20 minutes early. Why did she come to class? I seriously was miffed. Major rudeness. And don't get me started about the super loud cell phone conversation during which the poor substitute instructor couldn't get herself heard. Incredibly poor taste.