Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Toddlers, No Tiaras, & Vegas Resolutions

I went to Vegas for my niece's wedding. She was married at Mandalay Bay. Gorgeous wedding. Gorgeous bride. Gorgeous family. I was honored to be part of the party and to stay at the special house she and family had rented in Vegas. Even better, this trip came after kind of a sad week for me. I had sort of gone down... down .... d o w n. And I don't often go down and stay there.

Just couldn't get back up. Every morning was a start with tears, with sorrow, with blues. And that's JUST NOT ME!! But I had good reason and I am glad I processed and grieved. BUT I needed a change of heart of mind of scene.

Enter Vegas!!

Vegas is NOT what I expected. It is like Disney World and NYC and New Orleans combined into one insane package of partying kids, gamblers, ne'er do wells, wedding peeps, old peeps, young peeps, and noise. A lot of noise.

I'm glad my niece selected a place AWAY from the strip. A mansion with more rooms and special appointments than I could possibly describe today. Later. Pictures. I promise. For today let me say that for me, this weekend in Vegas brought me out of my sad and into my glad. Why? Why Vegas?

Well first of all I met a lot of new people. Young people, older people, and a toddler. The toddler is my great nephew. He's full of life. At the beginning of his journey. Filled with joy. Filled with full big blue eyed wonder at all that is around him. Filled with chubby fisted control of all the people in his life to do his bidding because he is just that cute and wonderful.

Want to get out of the doldrums? Spend time with a great little toddler boy who is eager to take on the world. Watch him. Hold him. Listen to him learn. Just be. Play in the water with him. Watch him be proud. Watch him laugh. Watch him take in all of the adventure with baby blue eyed wonder.

You'll see the world in a new way through the eyes of a toddler.

Second I got to help be part of decorating for a wedding. Hanging tulle, silver stars, purple ribbon. Creating bows, cutting flowers, shopping, making plans, helping all. There's nothing like being part of a wedding. Really. I got to watch two great people begin their journey. I got to watch people celebrate that joining. All of them. I loved being part of the new beginnings.

You'll see the world in a new way through the love of a young couple.

Third I got to see the results of life. Good ones and bad ones. Young people angry. Old people happy. Young people making vows. Others breaking them. Dancing. Swimming. Teasing. It all happened. I got to hear secrets. Secrets I know I'll keep. Secrets that will blend into my writing but will always be disguised.

Oh, the fun. Remember the hope. And always believe in the love.

Love exists. Love persists. Love never dies.

That's my carry away from Vegas.

Love never dies.

So my Vegas Resolutions?

1. Pretend I'm a toddler and seeing the world for the first time.
2. Remember to dance no matter how old I am until I can dance no more.
3. Fill vases with fresh cut flowers.
4. Celebrate life and gamble on love.
5. Remember that love never dies.

Viva Las Vegas!


Ellen Brickley said...

Great lessons! I wouldn't associate Vegas with spiritual renewal but it just goes to prove that stereotyping is bad!

Glad you're feeling better *hugs*

Christine said...

Hi Ellen: Thanks for popping in!! Yes, for me it was a boost, but I can't tell you how many other people, young men mostly, who left Vegas bleary eyed and weary faced. So funny to watch them straggling around the Vegas airport.


Anne Gallagher said...

I'm glad you're feeling better.

Vegas does have a way of turning your head sideways. There's so much to experience.

And weddings are always fun. Glad you got to have some.

Christine said...

Hi Anne: Hope your summer was great! Yes, Vegas does have a way of turning your head sideways. Good description!

It was wonderful to watch two people find happiness and join in marriage. They are a sweet couple!

Carol Burnside aka Annie Rayburn said...

Ah, Christine, I'm so glad you came back rejuvenated from your trip. That's wonderful!

Christine said...

Hi Carol/Annie: It was just the shot in the arm I needed. Nothing like toddlers, lovers, weddings, and largesse to bring out my inner sparkle.


Tami Brothers said...

I'm glad you came back feeling much better. Life can be a real kicker and sometimes it takes a trip like this to show you what is most important. Can't wait to read some of those "secrets"... :)


Christine said...

Hi Tami: Life can be a kicker. I'm glad I had a great trip to whip me out of my doldrums.