Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'd Have More Time If I Eliminated these Daily Habits

I'd like to increase my writing time, but I'm hamhocked (just love that word) by daily habits and obligations. They're necessary. I know they are important. And I won't stop doing them, but to be honest if I could just push a button, wave a wand, swallow a pill to end my commitment to these daily habits, I'd be thrilled.

Here they are:

1. Showering and/or bathing. More time committed if washing hair as well. Seriously. This is a huge daily commitment. I just wish there was a presto button I could push to make myself clean. Instantly clean and coiffed. But no. There is not. I must bath regularly.

2. Shaving my legs. I have to shave my legs every day. I've heard about the sugaring/waxing methods, but I am too impatient to wait for the darned hairs to grow long enough to endure those methods of removing hair. So if I'm in the shower, I'm shaving my legs.

3. Blow drying and styling my hair. I cheat on this one a lot. But I do spend a lot of time getting my hair to behave. It has a mind of its own. I'm currently growing it out just so I don't have to spend as much time styling it. The only benefit of this activity is that I get ideas for my books. I confess to stealing my Darling Teen's Chi to straighten my hair just to generate a story line fix.

4. Applying makeup. I don't always apply makeup. But 99% of the time I do because I believe in putting my best face forward. If I look good, I will feel good. And as Grandma Glover once said, "You never know who might come by to visit." Not wearing makeup is like inviting unexpected visitors. I know this is true. It has happened.

5. Brushing my teeth and flossing. I don't really mind brushing my teeth, but flossing? Oh, I dread the flossing. It seems like the older I get, the more remedial attention I attract from the dental hygienist. Seriously? I floss every day, but every six months I get to learn a NEW way to to floss my teeth. The latest involves cutting off the circulation of my middle finger, using my index finger and thumb to have complete control over the WET FLOSS, and not looking in the mirror when I floss so I don't get confused. Really? Really????? I hate it, but I persist. I am convinced that flossing teeth is like styling hair. Leave it to the professionals!!

There are other habits, chores that I perform on a regular basis that I'd like to eliminate if I could... I'll share them with you on Friday.

What daily habits do you wish you could quit so you'd have more time to do the things you love?


Katherine Bone said...

Aha! The dreaded 'must do everyday' list. Oh, how I hate it. I've actually got the process down to a science, though when I finish up changes on a daily basis, if I stop to engage in some other activity. And I do sometimes.

Upkeep takes work. LOL! But we'll reap the rewards for being diligent on this score. I promise!

Make-up is a must these days. And you're right about needing to have it on just about all the time. One never knows who will show up at the door or when an errand will need to be quickly taken care of. (For me, it was a call to the school or a plea for something one of the kids forgot.)

Love your hair, btw. I was admiring it last Saturday. I like it long!

Lindy said...

Ah Christine, you are my sister-friend. I thought I was the only woman on earth who shaved her legs every single day. Alas, I am grateful to hear I am not. :-) Actually, you and I do all the same things except #3. I rarely blow dry and style my hair because my stylist told me not to if I could help it. So, I go natural with a twist up the back or a pony tail. Simple.

As for other daily habits...I do the once over on the house. Much like clearing the desk, I must in order to concentrate. It has to be picked up and the beds made before I leave so I do not fear returning. Ha!

Great post. - Lindy

Gwen Hernandez said...

I hate all of those too, Christine. Lately, if I have the time, I've just been letting my hair dry naturally--read wavy--even though it's not my favorite look.

I recently read a book where the characters could use magic to get shower fresh and dressed in a snap. I WANT that power!

And maybe the power to have worked out without really taking the time. That would totally rock. ;-)

Kiru Taye said...

Yes, that must-do list. I'd have more time if I didn't sleep. LOL

Christine said...

Hi Kathy: I totally relate to the kids calling and needing stuff have to be ready at a moments' notice. I usually get those calls just as I step OUT of the shower LOL.

Christine said...

Hi Lindy: LOL on the shaving every day. I am so glad I am not alone. And I feel your pain.

I also have to get the house in order before I can start the day. Bed made, counters swiped clean, dishwasher loaded.


Christine said...

Gwen: If I let my hair air dry, it's awful. I cheat by blow drying the front and bangs and letting the rest be wavy. And yes, if I could give up the gym I'd have soooooo much more time to write. But taking care of myself is priority nowadays. I must try to keep the body in shape. But if there was a pill? You bet I'd take it.

And magical showers and dressing--yeah our characters are sooooo lucky!


Christine said...

Hi Kiru Taye: Yes the sleeping thing. Eliminate that and we'd get so much more accomplished. Of course, I'd be a nut in a week so it's also a necessary habit.


Suzanne Johnson said...

What you said.

Plus, while I'm grateful for the paycheck thing, my biggest time-gobbler is the day job. Talk about a time-suck--LOL.

Christine said...

Hi Suzanne: Yes, the DDJ *dreaded day job* is a huge time buster, but it does pay the bills. Sigh. In a perfect world this would not be an issue.

One day you'll make so much money writing and selling your books that you might be able to kick it back a notch and give up some of the DDJ hours :-)

Tami Brothers said...

Oh man! Too funny. We could all get laser hair removal and that would help with one. Maybe the bald or really, really short look with be all the rage for the next decade, I remember when I was able to go with the natural look (man was that a llloooonnnngggg time ago). AND WTH is it with floss? I think with all these advances in technology, we should be past that little chore.

Thanks for the smile. I needed it tonight.


Christine said...

Hi Tami: Flossing is a blog unto itself. I seriously feel like the older I get the harder it becomes. As for baldness? Well, I'm going the opposite route and heading to long hair again. Easier for me to style.

And you're so welcome for the smile. I need to have a lot, too!