Friday, March 25, 2011

Making Smiley Faces! Celebrating All Day

Today we celebrate with all the RITA/Golden Heart finalists. And we also celebrate with those who entered the contest but didn't final. All the entrants had to take courage by the hand and enter this contest. It's tough to send our babies out into the world and have them judged. Instead of focusing on the tears, let's focus on making smiley faces today.

First, here is a fun blog for every one to check out throughout the day as the announcements are called in. Judy Fennel does a great job rounding up the finalists' names. You can link to her blog here. I know I'll be checking it out all day.

Second, I plan to pop one of my bottles of champagne today. I believe someone I know will final.

Third, I'm going to share things that make me smile throughout the day. I would love to see what makes all my cyber world friends smile, too. So leave a comment. Let us know how you are doing as you wait for the calls. Let's make everyone SMILE today.

Here are few of my favorite things that bring smiles to my face:

Dowager Feline Clancy purring on my lap while I write.
Sunshine and flowers.
My darling teenager who has such a zest for life--she amazes me!
Hugs & Cuddles!

Crossing fingers and toes for all of the entrants!

Smile Everyone!


KarenG said...

This cheery post is exactly what I needed to read this morning!

Wendy S Marcus said...

Thank you for this cheerful post! Very invigorating. Good luck! Back to revisions. 3 hrs. 15 min left.

Melanie Dickerson said...

Hey, Christine! I'm going with my family to see Beauty and the Beast at Grissom High School. They always do a fabulous job with whatever they perform, but I've heard that this performance of the Disney musical is stellar. I can't wait to see it.

I didn't realize when I bought the tickets that it was the same day that Rita calls go out, but now I am SO GLAD, because there's no way I can get too sad about not finaling in the Rita when I have Beauty and the Beast to look forward to!!! WOOHOO! My daughters are excited to see it, but not as excited as their mother! LOL!!!

Christine said...

KarenG: I am so glad my cheery post made your morning bright. I'm sending you sparkles for the rest of the day!

WendyM: I know you will get the job done!! I am crossing fingers and toes for you. Pop back in and let me know when you're finished!! We'll celebrate :-)

Melanie: I didn't know you entered the RITA with your beautiful inspirational YA!! Wow. I will cross fingers and toesies for you today. And I love that you're going to Beauty & the Beast tonight with your daughters. A fabulous way to put smiles into everyone's hearts. I LOVE B&B!! :-)

Katherine Bone said...

"I think of my favorite things, and then I don't feel... so bad." to quote Julie Andrews.

My heart goes out to all the finalists and for those who succeeded in sending their entries in. Each and every one of you are winners in my book because you met a deadline and put your baby out there. Woo-hoo!!

Christine, you have a friend who's on the list posted on RWA. I'm reading that book right now. ;)

Katherine Bone said...

Oh, and a dose of Phantom of the Opera with Gerard Butler can do wonders, let me tell you. ;)

Christine said...

I LOVE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!!! Yah! Kathy I am grinning from ear to ear because my dear friend Sharon Wray is Golden Heart Finalist again -- and I get to be her date for the ceremony. And her SIL Kieran Kramer and my friend is also A DOUBLE RITA FINALIST. This is so exciting. I am also celebrating Jennifer, Anna, Paula, and more -- I think this year's RWA National Conference will ROCK because I have so many people to cheer for in the RITA/GH Ceremony!!

Melanie Dickerson said...

Well, thanks for crossing fingers and toes for me, Christine, but it looks like I didn't final. But that's okay!

Two things that makes me smile is that Paula Graves finaled in the Ritas--yay!--and that my very own Beauty and the Beast story, The Merchant's Daughter, comes out in November! So, I have a lot to smile about. :-)

Christine said...

Hi Melanie: Another writer I've helped critique also finaled in the GH-RS category. Gwen Hernandez!! I am so excited for her.

Sorry you didn't final :( But I am sooooo excited for Paula Graves. She is over the moon. And that makes me smile, too.

I didn't final in the Category Series GH--closed. But I have a small iota of a chance for the Action/Suspense category. Not holding my breath. I'll just cheer on all my friends who are finalists in NYC. I'll have soooo much fun!

Jean Hovey said...

What a great blog! Stephanie and I didn't final either but we have Paula too root for. And the day is young.

Here's hoping, Christine!

What am I happy about? Can't really thing of too much I'm unhappy about.

My house is mostly clean and my cold sore is almost well. I am loving doing revisions because it's making the story so much better.

Christine said...

Hi Jean! I didn't final either, but that's okay, I'm a date of a finalist--Yay me! Smiling. I knew the chances were slim to none. I am also smiling for my friends who finaled. And I love that your house being clean makes you smile. I cleaned mine yesterday. Was highly necessary. That made Darling Hubby smile :-)

I saw some friends today at Bridge St. That made me smile, too :-)

Melanie Dickerson said...

Mary Connealy, one of my good friends, finaled in the Inspy category of the Ritas! That definitely made me smile!!! Her books are wonderful.

Christine said...

Fabulous news Melanie!! I will root for her when I am at the conference. Have fun at Beauty & the Beast!!! :-)