Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Harry Potter World, Islands of Adventure & Universal Studios: Owl Ratings

I've been on the road again! And this time I've got so much fun to share with you. First of all, we're in ORLANDO. This is one of my favorite cities. I love it here--the resorts, the weather, the rides!!

The rides. Oh, this brings me to Part A of my ride adventure--which would not be complete without my Darling Teen and Darling Hubby's input. So this time, with their help, and a little Harry Potter World Magic, I'm bringing others into the blog to give their Owl Ratings to the rides!!

Here are the rankings:


O: Outstanding (6)
E: Exceeds Expectations (5)
A: Acceptable (4)
P: Poor (3)
D: Dreadful (2)
T: Troll (1)

Islands of Adventure: 

The Hulk
Darling Hubby: 5
Darling Teen: 5
Me: 6

I love this ride. It shoots you out of a cannon and it is so amazing with corkscrews and cool loops. DH wants less jerking and DT wants more drops. Total Owl Score: E- Exceeds Expectations

Dr. Doom's Freefall
Darling Hubby: 1
Darling Teen: 1
Me: 0 (I don't do drops)

DT and DH say it was weak and more relaxing than exhilarating. Total Owl Score: T-Troll

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman
Darling Hubby: 4
Darling Teen: 4
Me: 4

Fine, not terrifying, but in comparison with other VR's it is not the best. However, it is a nice little ride. Total Owl Score: A-Acceptable

Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls
Darling Hubby: 5
Darling Teen: 4.5
Me: 4

I hate getting wet and the cartoons are a waste on me. However, my DT and DH love the show. So, that gives this ride an E-Exceeds Expectations
*wear a poncho

Jurassic Park River Adventure
Darling Hubby: 4
Darling Teen: 5
Me: 4

DH wasn't uber impressed, but enjoyed the various aspects. DT thought it was scary and exhilarating, too. Me?? Good fun. Total Owl Score is an A: Acceptable

Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey
Darling Hubby: 6
Darling Teen: 6
Me: 6

We LOVED THIS RIDE. Scary, terrifying at points, great transitions between virtual and real stuff, and it felt you were flying. Definitely worth it to wait in the long line to see the entire castle, the replicas really made you feel like you were there! Perfect for true fans! Total Owl Score is an O: Outstanding

Dragon Challenge
Darling Hubby: 6
Darling Teen: 6
Me: 6

Loved it! No jerkiness, great props, great redo on HP theme! Total Owl Score is an O: Outstanding.

For true HP fans it is worth it to wait it wait in line for the different stores, Ollivander's, 3 Broomsticks, Honeydukes and Zonko's. Don't wait in the Butterbeer lines -- just go into 3 Broomsticks and get your butterbeer and lunch there. Overall, HP World is best part of the parks.

Poseidon's Fury
Darling Hubby: 2
Darling Teen: 3
Me? 2.5

Hokey, and old, but good for little ones. The GUY THAT DID THE SHOW AND ACTED WAS AWESOME. Total Owl Score is D: Dreadful

Universal Studios
Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast
DH: 4
DT: 5
Me: 5

Fun for little kids who love the characters, not scary but funny and cute. Total Owl Score: E: Exceeds Expectations.

Shrek 4-D
DH: 3
DT: 3
Me: 3

In comparison to other virtual reality rides, it doesn't match up. Fun for little ones though. Total Owl Score: P: Poor.  

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit
DH: 1
DT: 1
Me: 1

We all love coasters, and a little jerkiness is okay; however, you couldn't enjoy your ride because your head was getting thrown around the entire time. The concept of choosing your own music and having a video of yourself during the ride was pretty cool, but our cameras didn't work and we never got to see our video! Overall, it was awful. Don't do it! Owl Score: T for Troll. 

DH: 3
DT: 1
Me? 2

DT hated how weak and bad and awful and boring and not cool it was. DH was somewhat intrigued because he is a geek, but I just didn't like getting wet on a non water ride! Total Owl Score is D for Dreadful. 

Revenge of the Mummy
DH: 4
DT: 4.5
Me: 5

Pretty good ride! A cross between Rock N' Roller Coaster and Expedition Everest with some Mummies thrown in. Nice ride to get you out of the heat and get your blood running. Total Owl Score is E: Exceeds Expectations. 

The Blues Brothers Show
DH: 6
DT: 5.5
Me: 6

FUN! Great impersonations and DH looked like a kid in a candy shop when they came out. Good mid-afternoon break from all the running around. Total Owl Score is O: Outstanding. 

E.T. Adventure
DH: 2
DT: 6
Me: 5

DH says highly relaxing but nothing else. We on the other hand think it's cute and fun for little ones! Total Owl Score is A: Acceptable

Stay tuned! We can't wait to hit the next theme park!!

Do you agree or not? Share your ride stories!!


Heidi said...

I remember riding the E. T. ride in 1990. It was cute! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to read about the Disney parks.

Christine said...

ET was highly necessary after the horrible, jerky ride that rattled our brains--we needed a happy, quiet ride.

I'm looking forward to the Disney parks!

And the Yacht Club :-)

Stephanie Jones said...

Thanks for making me smile. I don't think I will ever go to Disney but your families comments are too funny!
Thanks for sharing the rankings with us.

Hope y'all have fun and a safe trip.

Christine said...

Thanks Stephanie! We love Disney but aren't huge Universal fans. So we knocked it out first.

We're having fun!