Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Tis' the season to be jolly... we are celebrating our holiday traditions this year as a family. Darling Daughter and Darling Husband have two weeks off. And, with the exception of my daily writing goal of a minimum of 200 words a day, so am I.

I'm looking forward to putting together goodie bags for my neighbors, Christmas dinner with my friends, seeing the Galaxy of Lights at the Botanical Gardens, and just plain hanging out.

With the exception of a few pre-scheduled blogs, Digging Out of Distraction will be on a holiday as well.

I wish you and your families a blessed vacation time. May you head into 2011 renewed, refreshed, and revitalized!


Melissa said...

Renewed, Refreshed, Revitalized! Now that sounds just Awesome! May the Spirit of Christmas fill your home and New Year with lots of Love, Joy and Many Blessings! :)

Christine said...

Thanks Melissa! And may the spirit be with you now and in the new year.


Wendy S Marcus said...

Happy, Healthy Holidays, Christine! Enjoy your time with your family. I read somewhere that your dd broke her hand. Hope she is feeling better.

Christine said...

Oh DD broke her hand two years ago. This is the first year she hasn't had a "winter break" since the 5th grade.

I am so happy your chapters went over well with the editors at Medical Romance. Way to go!! Now you can enjoy your time with your family :-)

Ian said...

passez un bon fétes de fin d'année.

Christine said...

Merci Ian and bon fetes de fin d'annee!!