Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Whimsical Weirdness

I used to write poetry. Angsty poetry that reflected my angst years. I stopped writing poetry when life got happy. Good thing cause I'd rather write books about two lost souls finding each other and discovering home.

I used to scrapbook a lot. Like I have an entire album dedicated to Disneyworld. Not kidding. Now? I use scrapbooking supplies to make cutesy jars for the quarters I am going to reward myself with whenever I achieve my writing goals for the day.

I used to be uber school volunteer. I helped other people's children learn. I went on field trips. I organized teacher gifts. I helped the drama department. Now I put all my volunteering into my writing organization and any drama I have goes into the plots I write.

I used to go to church all the time. I was "church lady" and I had the wardrobe for it as well. I lead bible studies, sang in choir, helped with children's worship, prayed at the altar for others, was part of a prayer ministry. Now I avoid the twice weekly grind and rejoice in God's miracles wherever I see them. In beautiful sunsets, in flowers, in birds flying, in butterflies, in windy hugs, in sunshine warming my face.  I'm still a member of a prayer circle. Praying is like writing to me. It's like breathing air that sustains my soul.

Perhaps I am still a poet as I write my words. Perhaps I am scrapbooking pieces of people's lives into my stories. Perhaps I am teaching other people that life is full of possibilities. Perhaps I am
Today the sun is shining. The skies are blue. Birds are singing outside my office window. Later I'll go outside and walk. I'll let the gifts given me sustain me. I'll pray. I'll plot. I'll feel a spirit of joy invade my soul because I am doing exactly what God intended for me to do.

I am living a life of purpose. Of love. Of hope. And I'm praying that my stories with all their sassy, sexy, fun, serious people will resonate with my readers. Readers who may be searching for hope, for love, and for a life filled with purpose.

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