Tuesday, August 3, 2010

RWA Conference Confessions

I'm back from the 2010 RWA National Conference held in Orlando, Florida. The four day conference was amazing and a big congratulations goes out to the organizers and volunteers who helped make our conference happen despite the loss of our venue in Nashville. To pull of a conference of this magnitude in less than 3 months is nothing short of tremendous.

Rather than go into great detail about my conference experience, I thought I'd give you all a few tidbit confessions. After all, confession is good for the soul.

Christine's 2010 RWA Conference Confessions:

*I did not attend every workshop or spotlight on a publisher. I couldn't despite trying to duplicate myself in the copier room. There were too many wonderful events to attend occurring at the same time.
*I enjoyed my solitary walks around the Boardwalk at Disney's resort. Quiet time was necessary as a rejuvenator for my soul. I also enjoyed stopping at the Yacht Club and buying a cold glass of Pinot Grigio.
*I did have a lot of inner Fan Girl moments when I saw any of my favorite authors out and about. Breathing the same air as Nora Roberts, Eloisa James, Jayne Ann Krentz, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Linda Howard and the list goes on and on gave me continuous inner happy dances.
*Nora Roberts is a super generous person who is patient and kind, but she expects writers to write, not whine. My new motto is: Don't whine, just write.
*It's kind of cool hearing multi-published authors confess that they also have no idea what they're going to write when they reach the dreaded middle.
*No, Virginia, there is not just one way to write a book. Develop your own process and keep going.
*The synopsis is dreaded by all.
*That woman running across between the Swan and the Dolphin in her pajamas with emergency Benadryl in her hands for her CP was me.
*I finished all my wine.
*I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to see, but I saw some of the same people all the time.
*I have a crush on Donald Maass. Who doesn't? Now I want to find the Silhouette books he wrote under his pseudonym.
*Spanx are a horrible invention, but a necessary evil.
*Chicken? Who wants some chicken?
*The Golden Heart/Rita Ceremony was extra special this year because my dear friend Sharon Wray was a finalist. She glowed.

*And last, but not least.... trying to explain that a Romance Writer's National Conference is a lot different than a Scientist's conference to one's husband is impossible because I've never seen darling hubby come home from a conference with blisters upon blisters due to wearing sassy shoes, nor has he ever suffered from "conference voice."

Thanks to RWA again for my fabulous conference. I'm honored and proud to be member and a romance writer. Happily Ever Afters are attainable if we keep believing in our dreams.


Kieran Kramer said...

What a great post! As always, a pleasure to read your blog, Christine, and I'm glad I got to spend time with you in Orlando. :>)

Wendy S Marcus said...

Hi Christine!
I LOVED conference too. One of my biggest regrets was not meeting up with you...but it gives me something to look forward to for next year. And I'm a Pinot Grigio girl too...$12.00 a glass...Sheesh! But it didn't stop me!

Unknown said...

So fabulous to see you my dear. Sharon told me the PJ story. You are the best! Loved the list...I couldn't write a better one.
Blessings and Grace my friend...

Gwen Hernandez said...

Great list, Christine. I think next year I'm going for the vegetarian meals, just to avoid being "chickened" to death! ;-) Thanks for being such a great roomie. I hope we can do it again in NYC. And Kieran, it was great to meet you and your sister too!

Christine said...

Kieran: I loved seeing you again and what made it more sweet was knowing you are published with your first book coming out this year. You make me believe the dream is attainable. I'm so happy for you and I truly appreciate all your encouraging words!

Christine said...

Wendy: I will BRING Pinot with me to the NYC conference if I can go -- already plotting how to make it happen :-)

And we have to exchange cell phone numbers for sure before I go so we can MEET!


Christine said...

Mary: I enjoyed seeing you again while I was at the conference. You are such a blessing to my sis in writing and I bet you'd do the same as me. I love your blog and your writing journey. I will be up to the DC area again soon. Would love to see you again when I return.


Christine said...

Gwen: I have enjoyed the following food groups since returning home: steak-burgers-vegetarian-pizza. I am wondering where the leftover little drummies are now that we are all home. Perhaps they've reunited and created pairs? Chicken Dance anyone?

Kieran Kramer said...

Thanks for the support, Christine! I tweeted about your blog today! Hugs, Kieran

Miranda Neville said...

Nice post - made me chuckle a few times. Looking forward to NYC because there will be plenty of places to go aside from the hotel - any kind of chickenless ethnic food you can think of and tho' NY can be expensive you can find a glass of cheap wine for under $12. Well under $12.

But overall the conference was great. I enjoyed meeting Kieran whose tweet led me to your blog.

Christine said...

Thanks Kieran! Keep me posted about the release--I can't wait to share it with all my friends. Your story is truly inspirational.

And I will follow your advice given at the conference. Whenever I listen to you or Sharon good things happen :-)

Kate Diamond said...

I'm so excited you went! I hope to go next year.

Christine said...

Thanks Kate! I am already plotting my way to go again--dangling shows in front of the family members and a "low" price for the hotel. Gosh, the joy! And, best of all, my mind is percolating now--so many ideas and so much to write!