Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year & New Goals for 2014

Happy New Year! Time to create a new set of goals. Once again, I've written another ambitious list and one that I'm sure will morph over the year as new demands pop up that will require my time. As always, I believe in setting the bar super high. And so far that method of operation has been successful. The higher I aim, the farther I will fly. I've got a 1 year, 5 year, 10 year and 20 year goal plan in place as well. I also will break down my goals by month over the next few days. Next week Monday, January 6, I should be ready to hit the ground running with a solid plan in place. 

Writing Goals for 2014

*clean and organize office to get ready for the new year
*Revise MT and retitle it.
*Revise MINO & retitle it.
*finish sequel and deliver to Editor/Finish first draft by end of January
*revise sequel in February
*meet with CP at least 3x during year
*understand more about Street Teams and develop one when the time comes
*maintain brand name with social media presence with blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest and web site
*update website quarterly or as needed
*market debut release
*brainstorm 3 new books for 2014 (2 category and 1 novella)
*review self-publishing notes and determine hybrid self-publishing/digi pub.  career launch for 2014/2015
*revise Tycoon
*build query list for books
*go to both readers’ luncheons and participate with Debut author basket
*write 2 new category books
*Attend Moonlight & Magnolias
*Assist at M&M during editor/agent appointments
*PRO liaison job maintained/ongoing commitment to programming committee
*build name bible of all names I've used in my books
*get a publishing contract
*continue building professional mentor relationships
*continue to streamline writing and business of writing with proper schedule
*Review digital and e-publishers for submissions
*take at least two master classes in craft
*set up my first workshop to run in tandem with the book release in fall 2014
*judge at least two writing contests
*set Top 5 Priority List and review every quarter
*read for fun
*continue to analyze published books in my genre
*continue learning and growing in my craft with online courses and craft books
*attend chapter meetings which aid in my professional development and in my goal for achieving publication
*build my critique partnership

*be courageous, strong, and focused in pursuing my dreams and goals

I hope that 2014 is a wonderful year for all of you. And I hope you set positive, attainable and high reaching goals for yourself. You'll be amazed at how much you accomplish simply by writing it down.

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