Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Life, the University & Everything Else

A lot has happened since I posted my last blog. Where to start? How to encapsulate it all? Um, I bow to the excellence of bullet points.

*Got a truck on Saturday with the Physicist. We were lucky to get it and to find the place that had the rental truck, but we got it. Strained the strings of our marriage license while hunting for the truck rental place, but we are still married.

*Married for another year. Celebrated anniversary on Saturday. Being lost and arguing about getting directions to the said rental truck place was not part of our anniversary plan.

*Loaded the College Kid's stuff onto the rental truck on Saturday. Again--just so happened to be our anniversary. No special meals. No take out. No presents. No cards. No time. That's real life over at the Glover House. Sometimes just doing tough stuff and getting through it unscathed is cause for celebration.

*On Sunday moved CK down to her new digs in her College Town, USA. Digs are decent. CK decorating with moss and fake tea lights whilst I scrub a nasty and dirty tub. Oh, and I vacuumed. The Physicist hung shelves and made bed frame. Two other CKs assisted in the move. Though it rained horrifically all the way down to College Town, USA, we were spared a massive downpour during the unloading of all the items.

*Took CK and her friends to fun restaurant that night. Fun listening to them talk about how "old" they were as they approach the big 2-0. Me? I'm considering every day that I get up out of bed a bonus day in this ol' life of mine.

*Left CK and drove to Hotlanta where we bought two chairs and two end tables at IKEA. We needed to replace the old furniture we sent to College Town, USA. Then we drove the truck to my CP's house and we've been here for two sleeps. A much needed respite from a busy weekend.

*CK calls on Tuesday, one day before classes begin--a call from the CK is never "good news." "What's wrong?" I asked first off. "I slept in my contacts and they were really dry and when I ripped them out of my eyes, my eyeballs started hurting really bad and I can't see." Me. "Take pain meds, and I'll find an eye dr." Found eye doc through our peeps in Hometown, USA. College Town, USA eye doc diagnoses corneal abrasions, prescribes medication, and follow up appt. in one week. Me? I'm just glad the eyeballs are fixable. Welcome back to Emergency Calls and Freak Outs and Handouts of Cashola.

*The Physicist and the Craftsman bonded over the grill. The CP and I brainstormed and worked on social media platforms. Much was accomplished. Wish we lived closer

*It's Wednesday and we're driving the rental truck home today. 4.5 hours in a yucky, bumpy rental truck with zero real music, uncomfortable seats, wheels that bumpety bump bump so much that your head feels like a rattle snake lives inside it, and we're both tired, sore and grumpy. Will the marital bliss never end?

*Keep Calm and Truck On!


Denny S. Bryce said...
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Denny S. Bryce said...

Loved it! Your blog post was one of the funniest - your sense of humor despite some serious agonies cracked me up:) I've read in a while. Thanks for sharing!

Christine said...

You're welcome. If I didn't laugh, I'd scream. And believe me, I did on occasion during this lovely adventure.

Alicia Coleman said...

Great Post! It brought back memories of when I dropped my CK off in his College Town, USA years ago.

Christine said...

Thanks Alicia. Good memories and a lot of laughter.

Anne Gallagher said...

Poor baby with her eyes. I feel her pain.

Glad everything went well though. Even though the weekend wasn't exactly what you planned for an anniversary, at least you will be able to laugh about it 20 years from now.

Christine said...

We've really been chuckling about it because another set of friends celebrated their anniversary and the husband ordered a stretch limo, champagne on the way to the restaurant, expensive dinner, expensive gifts and here we were trucking down the highway in torrential rain. But we had two free sandwiches from the QT Gas place and the Physicist sprung for an upscale McD's meal for lunch so all was well. Honestly, we were just laughing about being in our Redneck Limo all the way home. We probably spent just as much money moving the kid to college, but I felt like roadkill by the time I got home.


Crystal Lee said...

I enjoyed your post! Happy Anniversary to you and your Physicist. I wish CK much luck as she begins the new school year.

Christine said...

I'm glad you liked it, Crystal. It was a wild and crazy week :-)