Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Global Writing & Princesses on Parade

It's been a busy time over at Casa del Glover. First I hosted a mini writing retreat. My critique partners drove from Atlanta to write, laugh, and write some more. They stayed over for two nights from Wednesday through Friday last week. Another writing friend came over on Thursday to write all afternoon, then we broke out the libations, ate dinner, and chatted until late in the evening. It was hard to say goodbye to my CPs--who are friends that I cherish as well--but I'm grateful for the time I had with them.

After they left, I continued working on the current manuscript's revisions until I reached THE END yet again on Monday afternoon. I am standing pat at 35,000 words and need another 13,000 to reach my elusive word count. I am the Queen of Cutting Words. So I cut 7,000 words and crafted a few new ones. This story is still very much in its infancy, but it's beginning to grow. I am afraid I may not hit the mark with it because it's the first time I've attempted such a global category series book, but I hope that I can take what I'm learning and improve as I go along. I should have a decent full draft by the end of the month, then it's time to make the first three chapters shine. Super shine if I want to get a request for a FULL manuscript from the editor who has expressed interest in my writing.

So now I'm at the stage where my writing promisingly high standard, but the story must hit the mark. Easier said then done, but I will do my best to attain that elusive goal.

Now that I've been liberated from writing strictly American stories, I've been brainstorming ideas for the next book. I always like to stay "one book ahead" of the game. I believe I shall tackle a royal book with royal characters in a fictional land (no one can ding me on setting details if I do that!). So there is a Princess story in my future. And why not? I cut my teeth on fairy tales and myths. It's time to relish the development of a fantasy set in modern times.

I'm in a good place. I'm enjoying the process of story development. I can't wait to write the next one about a Princess who is misunderstood and the perfect antidote to my hero's stoicism. Who was  your favorite princess, fairy tale or real, when you were growing up?


Joan Leacott said...

I wasn't much into princesses as a kid. Then and now, I'd rather read about real people. Yes, princesses are real, but not as done by Disney. Your princess sounds like a good one.

Christine said...

Thanks Joan. I hope she turns out as well on the pages as I envision her. She's feisty, different, misunderstood. I do love a fantasy and a fairy tale princess, but that's because I'm also a bit of an escapist in my reading. One of my favorite Disney princesses was Belle--but she only became one AFTER she saved the hero.